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Today I thought we could spend the day at home in the garden :D


Twas not to be, as OH fell 15' from a ladder and we ended up in hospital :shock:

He was soooo lucky, as he landed on his feet and fell backwards, one very sore s"Ooops, word censored!"ed back and stiff neck later, he is home, and starting to feel very sore and stiff :(


If anyone else is tackling DIY this weekend, do stay safe :?


karen x

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and I love the Crimewatchesque warning at the end of your post





:lol: couldn't resist putting that in.


Actually I think this morning he got a bit of insight into just how close he came to being seriously hurt, dosed up on analgesia, and relatively immobile makes you stop and think :roll:


He is very sore and stiff, and as usual with bruising etc. it takes a few days to come out, so technicoloured too :wink:


karen x

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Ouch. He has been really lucky. A friend recently fell 20ft whilst rock climbing, smashed all the ribs on one side, punctured his lung and broke his back, thankfully they think no spinal damage but still not sure as he's in intensive care on a ventilator.


Plenty of TLC needed, hugs sent to you both

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