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Alis girls

Amazing - rare visitor.

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Lovely aren't they 8)


We had one last week - it perched on the gate to the paddocks, watching the ducks pond. The ducks all ran away :lol: The heron flapped up on to the fence of the ducks run and spent ages looking in their pond before deciding there were no fish in it. I took photos but they were through the (dirty) window and weren't very good.

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we dont get herons in the garden, but I see them loads while driving around Romney Marsh and in the country park next to the kids' school - beautiful and elegant.


in the garden we get the usual garden birds - and the odd sparrowhawk. it is amazing to see them, and although a real example of nature being red in tooth and claw, I wouldnt miss them for the world!

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Due to the harsh winter last year, the herons ate all my Koi....despite the pond being gridded with thick metal wire ( safety for my little'un.....I was sure she go in head first!) Normally they stick to fishing in the brook at the bottom, but it was quite iced over... I didn't mind so much...but wish they'd stop frightening me..I've got a couple of those hideous fake ones....and they flap up and scare me.....( the real herons, not the fake one...you follow my ramble, don't you?)

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