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I have a cube delivery date :O)

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Well then, we expect photos of your cube to uploaded onto the forum by lunchtime on that day Annie! :lol::lol:


You'll never sleep now for the excitement!

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:lol: Spoke to James today, hence my change in sig. too. They are being very fair about working down the list in strict order, but obviously having to take into account delivery runs. I was offered Tues. 22/5 but that is the one week that I'd said I couldn't do. :twisted::roll:

Bless him, he tried to offer the Saturday before at a pinch, but, I pointed out, I couldn't receive new chickens & then not be around to settle them in.

So, have gone for the following Tues. 29th May!


Jaime, I asked about colour production! The 1st ones made were orange (?) and green, and full production started with green. He then realised that I was after top secret info for the forum, and diplomatically didn't give the rest in exact order, they're all up and running and are really on their way! Hurray!


Might have said something about red being last, due next Dec? :lol::lol::wink:

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We have our delivery date too


I think we were 6th on the list :?


We could have had the 17th but it will now be the 24th. The children break up for half term that day so on the friday we can go and get some new girls and settle them all in




PS Sheila, they told me that about the red too. Do you have a second choice colour Jaime :wink:

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Mine's coming by courier...


I think its coming with Harry on his donkey cart and will arrive sometime soon. :roll:


They've taken my credit card details for processing and there's no chickens involved so could arrive when Harry and his donkey can get this far north :D

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Still nothing. :(


I've not ordered any more chooks (although I'm SO going to get some more), so I expect mine will come by courier as well. Although I always think it's worth getting another couple of chickens so that someone else puts it up for you :D

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I have to admit that I called them this afternoon as we had heard nothing


I don't think ours is coming by courier I think it is coming in the Omlet van. We are not having chickens either

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I wonder if its because it'll be cheaper for them to deliver them themselves?

So lets get this right: Correct me if I'm wrong:


Tuesday 15th May: Kate purple_eglu3-1.gif

Wednesday 16th May: Jenny, green_eglu3.gif Emma pink_eglu3-2.png

Thursday 17th May: AnnieP, purple_eglu3-1.gif Gallina purple_eglu3-1.gif Dilly

Thursday 24th May: Debs and Dan green_eglu3.gif

Tuesday 29th May: Sheila purple_eglu3-1.gif


Not heard yet: Aunty e ? green_eglu3.gifPaola? What colour are you having? Kaymerkim green_eglu3.gif, Mrs Bertie purple_eglu3-1.gif Sue and the Spice girls: What colour??


Not getting one for being naughty: Jaime red_eglu1.gif:wink:



Who have I missed??? :roll:

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Finally got to speak to OH, who took the call today, and apparently they said to him that they could have sent it out to us with a courier, but as they are passing this way on that day, they'll stick it in their van and they'll set it up for us! :D:D:D

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