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I need more hens

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Its official - I need more hens!

My eggs are now in such demand that I am selling each box I get really quickly,& am having to turn people away :roll:

Some want a regular order,or to reserve the next box I get,but I just can't do it................

The Hubby says I can have as many hens as I want.

However,I am trying to persuade him that intros will be horrible,& am campaigning for a cube for a new & sperate flock of blue laying girls :P


Wish me luck (the poor man stands no chance!) :P:P8)8)

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I need more to.

Supply no longer meets demand! :roll:


same here Martin! :roll:


Laverne is poorly, laying softies or thin broken eggs, Babs has just stopped, poor Shirley is like a machine, 1 a day!


Good luck Cinnamon! I would do anything to get more chickens! Am dropping it into every conversation with OH but no joy yet! The problem is, we are away with work a few nights per week, so the only way to keep chickens is with the eglu and run. So the girls are safe when we are away. Otherwise i would get a wooden house - dare I say it!:oops:


All the best! :D

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We had the same problem as well Cinnamon and got a second eglu to cope with the demand.


Demand has dropped slightly now that the novelty has warned off, but i still regularly sell to my neighbour and through OH'sa work and if the fridge gets too full OH takes them to work and touts for business :lol:


You can never have too many chickens :D


Mind you, i've been looking at the garden, trying to work out where i can fit an aviary for quail :shock:

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Too right Shona! I looked at the title of this thread and though 'don't we all?' :lol::lol: I'd love more... a whole lot more in fact, but I'd need more time and space.


I't's great news Sarah that OH will let you have more... now it's just convincing him to get a cube. I know who my money's on! :wink:

You're lucky Sarah, you will have to be quick in case he changes his mind :wink:

or try the Egluntine approach (relying on OH not noticing).


My OH is obsessed by the number of shoes I own (15-20?) and goes pale anytime any new ones turn up. Let alone a cute little chicken.. :shock:

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Just been chatting to OH about more chickens and he said 'well if you have 3, what difference does 6 or 8 make'? :shock::shock::shock::shock:


Just need to work on the finances now! He has had 4 months off and i've had 5 weeks off so the allowances from work haven't been good. Need to fix the outbuilding roof and sort out the garden, but I can save up for another eglu!


I'm so happy! Thought it would be a real struggle!


Now need to raise funds *looks around the house to see what can be sold on ebay*




sorry to hijack your thread Cinnamon :oops:

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Great news Christian :P


The Hubby already "owes" me a Cube from my 40th birthday last August,so not too much convincing is needed there.

Its more the logistics of it all.

We already have 2 pens with 8 hens & 2 Eglus,so I need to work out who is going where,in what & with whom :roll:


Not keen on an intro to my flock of 5 hens,who are such a lovely close knit group,but then again having them all in one pen would be so much easier (& no potholes on the lawn :lol: )


He did mutter about building a bigger,better pen as he is a bit of a prefectionist & the one he built last year doesn't quite meet his exacting standards,although I think its perfect :roll:8):lol:


One decision has been made............. ORANGE :P:P:P

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I would separate them Cinnamon, even though it would be easier for cleaning etc to house them all together. I don't relish the idea of introducing new chickens either!


I was thinking of getting another Mark 2, but he has just made lunch and said 'I don't think we have room for more chickens' :shock: 'Maybe when we move' :shock::shock: We only moved here in May last year! Will maybe have to get a couple more for the existing eglu. That should be enough of a 'fix' for a little while anyway.


Well done on the colour choice, i really like the orange one, or purple or blue :?:?:think::think:

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Don't Bron, that's what will probably happen here tomorrow. I have called Mikey this morning and said I have got an urge...he said 'YEEEES, WHAT?' I said a cube urge and he said be patient but we'll measure and see how money goes...woo hooo. In my language that means soon :D

Sarah go for it...go on...you know you want to..... :D



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Hmmmmmmmmmm - I have had a thought.

I am trying to avoid having 3 seperate lots of hens,but also I am not keen on putting any newbies I might get in with my big hens,who I am certain will eat them :roll:


How about putting them with the Bantams,in a Cube?


I know much has been said about having Bants & big'uns together, but if the Bants are there first & already an established group then maybe that would make it easier?


And I could get smallish hens, like Whitestars?????


What do you all think?


You can see I am trying my hardest here to work out a solution & add to my flocks :lol:

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Sherbet, the Lemon Pekin is an absolute horror if I am honest.

She walks like a prizefighter,& takes no prisoners whatsoever :?


But a couple of new bigger ones might throw her,like you say Clare.

I would be interesting,anyhow :lol::lol::lol:


One to ponder on.I won't be doing anything for a month or so anyway as we are off on our hols soon :P

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