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Must see places in the UK

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As most of you know I'm probably going to be leaving the UK in approximately 12 months time, and I'm up and down like a flipping yo-yo in my feelings about emigration. Today has been a down day, feeling positively melancholic at the thought of leaving this beautiful country. Tomorrow I'll feel different I'm sure, but it's so much stepping into the unknown that I suppose the cold feet episodes are only to be expected. We've got the emigration medicals booked in half term week (mega bucks :shock: ) so I think it's the close proximity of those that's dragging me down :?

So to cheer myself up I've decided to compile a list of places/ events that I really must see before I leave these shores, you know the kind of thing that you always think that you will do eventually, but now I'm going to try to fit it all into a year. It might even make us realise that the UK's pretty fabulous after all............. and change hubby's mind :wink:

So, so far on my list I'm going to Hampton Court, doing the London Eye in the dark, and I'm going to get to a big Omleteers meet :D . I'm also keen on doing the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London, I even seem to remember mooting this one as an Omlet get together but for some reason wasn't able to arrange it :? Can't remember, but if anyone's interested I may still be able to do it (hubby has contacts :wink: ).

What else/ where else should I include on my must do list? My list is very London orientated so far which of course reflects my location, and I do love the buzz and history of London (as long as I can escape it :wink: ), but I need to cover the rest of the country. I must warn you money's a bit tight, so I need to do things on a bit of a budget, but I'm definitely open to suggestions. So please, tell me, where should I go over the next year to give me some amazing memories and remind me how great this country really is.

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I second the Peak District, one of my favourite places. How about a coastal path walk, as well - you wouldn't have to travel too far to find some of those.


I'd love to meet up at The Tower if you're planning a get-together. My other London must-dos would be a trip down the Thames by boat, you could actually get to Hampton Court this way; a visit to one of the big museums, they're all free now, and a trip to the National Gallery combined with popping into St Martin-in-the-Fields - always makes me feel good.


Every time you go to one of these places and think how wonderful it is, remind yourself that there are going to be sights ahead of you that you'll find just as wonderful - they will just be different and less familiar.

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You MUST visit North Devon (I'm not biased of course :wink: ) Here are a few pics I posted a while back on the "what's it like where you live" thread.


The Tarka Trail - my office overlooks the Tarka Trail :D


Bideford - This is my nearest town.


Bucks Mill - Very tiny pretty hamlet with little lane leading to the sea - my friend lives in one of the cottages in this picture - most spectacular uninterputed views straight out to sea from her kitchen and bedroom window (me = very jealous)


Clovelly Main Street - so pretty and unique - steep cobbled street leading to sea harbour - no cars - we had our wedding reception here :D


Clovelly Harbour - Clovelly again - this time a shot of the harbour looking back up at the village - we sometimes arrive from this direction in a boat - it means you have to climb the wooden ladder to get onto the harbour wall!!


Speke's Mill - This is amazing!


The Big Sheep - Come and place your bets for the daily sheeps races!!


Hartland Coast - Another lovely place very near to us although I don't visit as often as I should.


South West Coast Path - We can walk here from our house :D


Braunton Burrows - I know they worry about erosion of the dunes these days but I'm telling you now that you have not lived until you have run down a huge steep sand dune at high speed out of control - I spent a good deal of my childhood doing this (it may explain a few things) :?:?


Lundy Island - This is within boating distance. Its fantastic with amazing scenery and wildlife - popoise/seals/puffins/wild horse/sheep - last time I went we saw a basking shark on the way over!! :D


As you can see there is loads to see !

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Oh, thanks, some great ideas there :D Definitely Hampton court from the Thames, great idea Olly, I'm not even too far from Greenwich so could catch a boat at Greenwich pier :D .

I've not been to Devon and Cornwall since childhood, apart from a couple of fleeting visits, and that's an impressive list Red. I'd love to visit some of those places.

North York moors & Peak District I bet I could fit in with a trip to visit little sis who lives in Bradford, and maybe use that as a stepping stone for trips further north. Alnwick looks beautiful, but I'm not sure that I've got the energy for Newcastle at night any more :oops::lol::lol:

Lesley, I definitely want to visit you if we can ever arrange it :D:D

Couperwife, if all goes to plan (hubby's plan, he's the one with the job offer :roll: ) we're off to New Zealand 8) . No chickens going with us unfortunately, nor eglus either, as the restrictions are pretty strict. That said I have a cunning plan to smuggle in a brand new cube and restart chicken keeping over there if at all possible :wink:

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The Lost Gardens of Heligan.....breathtaking and an absolutely smashing restaurant.


Lovely beach....Chapel Porth.


Very Pretty Village......St Ewe.....with a pub which serves super food.....I seem to remember it was called the Crown.....and it is within spitting distance of the Lost Gardens.....you could do both in a day.


Oh.....and of course......the Eden Project.

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YOU MUST go to the highlands of scotland.


Glencoe is magical and haunting.....stunning.

Applecross in Wester Ross is reached by the highest road in the uk (not for the faint hearted) but well worth the wait once you get up the top - you feel like you are on the top of the world.

Once your up in that neck of the woods you must carry on to Loch Maree...beautiful and un-spoilt.


Scotland is my favourite place in the uk. :)


If you are coming down this way (Devon) I agree with Red that north devon is pretty....a nice brisk walk along saunton sands to blow out the cobwebs, Lynton, Lynmouth and the valley of the rocks. Tarr Steps on Exmoor. Then you must do Dartmoor.

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I love the drive from Fort William to Mallaig past the Glenfinnan Viaduct (used in Harry Potter) - for me the most breathtaking scenery in Scotland I've seen so far.


I was going to suggest seeing the Glenfinnan Viaduct :D Plocton (used in the TV series Hamish MacBeth, policeman and westie Dog) is very pretty.


In fact do a tour of Scotland 8) and emigrate here instead :lol:

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