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Think the girls are looking better.....

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I hope I'm not imagining it as I have only had the girls 2 weeks this weekend ...but I think they are looking better already.! :D Their combs are changing to a deeper pink and the are quite tame now too.

I tried to take pictures this morning but they just kept following me around and standing too close to the camera bless them.







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gosh, your grass is immaculate!!! and the chooks look lovely too.

I wanted batts, but couldnt get any til August, and was too impatient to wait.


Helen - that fencing is really easy to put up, someone on here told me how: start with the first spike in the ground, unroll to the next, stick that one in, etc etc. then you can jiggle them about to suit you once they are all up. I managed to do mine on my own, and have since moved it over several feet to give them more 'rough' area (which mine seem to specially like).

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