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Let me introduce ..................Gerty

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Charlie and I helped at the Sussex BHWT rescue at Half Term and we came home with another chook :D:D ..................well 8 chooks is such a nice round number :roll::roll: .............and to think just this time last year I only had 2 :shock::shock:


Let me introduce Gerty....................






She's been with us 2 weeks now and has very proudly started to grow some feathers which she takes great care to preen and is putting on weight. We are hoping to start to move her out of the conservatory and into her own run later this week if the weather holds. Have to be careful as she doesn't have any feathers and only a bit of down so she can either freeze or burn. She will eventually go in with the others when she has got some feathers.


She is a lovely little chook and I'm so glad that the BHWT were able to rescue her. She was with us when my son had a belated birthday gathering and there were lots of questions from his mates (all 15 years old) about battery hen farming and free range farming and the conditions chooks were kept in. Nice to see that teenagers want to be aware of where their food comes from and the price animals pay to provide consumers with cheap food. Our other rescue girls were not in anywhere near as bad condition as Gerty although they had and do still have their own problems which Annie will never overcome.

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Gerty really stood out from the other 250 chooks that were rescued. Most of the chooks resuced that day weren't in to bad condition and Sarah the BHWT coordinator had commented on how well the workers at the farm had handled the chooks.


Gerty was by far the one in the worse condition and she's very tiny compared to all the other chooks. She hasn't stopped eating yet and loves greens. She's laid me a little egg (48-55g) nearly every day and is rather keen on listening to radio.

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You do normally have to have 2/3 or more chooks.


But as we regularly help at the rescues and we've already got lots of chooks some of which are rescued girls and as Gerty was in need of special care we were priveledged to be allowed to bring her home with us at the end of the day and nurse her back to health :D:D

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Gerty likes to listen to radio 4 in the afternoons - especially the programmes on between 3-3.30pm......money box, questions questions, gardeners world etc...although she did have a problem with an answer on questions questions last week about double yolk eggs and being told that they are very rare and only happen during the first few weeks of laying. Gerty knows for a fact that her chookie friend Babs laid a double yolk last week and Babs has been laying eggs for over 2 years and Gerty's heard all about Ginger's ability to lay double yolks for 6 months :wink::wink:


Gerty also likes radio 2 in the morning but not that Jeremy Vine who justs shouts out of the radio in a sensationlised way :shock::roll::wink::D



Gerty would like to thank you for all the 'hellos' :D:D:D:D and thinks it's very nice of her mummy to have had all this building work done just for her arrival :wink: ........ although she suspects her mummy would rather not have a large dog cage, complete with a sprinkling of organic layers mash all the way round, in the middle of her nice new open plan kitchen/dining room and conservatory :wink::wink::wink::D:D:D

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