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I am new to this forum and really just wanted to say hello :D !

We have a real mix of chickens


PP 2 black aracunas : Arabella and Mugwort

(white chicken) 1 lavander aracuna : Lavender

PP 5 Silkie bantam chicks hatched 28/5/07

GNR 1 Buff orpington : Marigold

GNR 3 Pekins : Biscuit, Dotty and Smudge

GNR Cochin Cockerel : Henry

GNR 1 Warren : Maple

(white chicken) Legbar hybrid : Legs


They are free range in our garden {except for "Hatching mum" Marigold and her chicks who are still in the safety of the broody run}.

The large hens and Henry roost in a shed and the Bantams are in a Eglu Cube, at some point they will be joined by the Silkies.

We also have a rabbit. 2 snakes, a border collie called Brock and a three year old shire x cob horse called Chester!

Oh yes and 3 children Sam Louis and Tom!!


So that is us hello to you all :D !

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Hello, welcome top the forum. Your horse sounds lovely and so do the hens you have. When did you get your eglu cube by the way? and what colour is it?


Also don't forget to check out the silent auction too, all of the profits are going to the Battery Hen Welfare Trust, (BHWT for short)



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We got our green cube about a month ago, it is fantastic. When we let all the chickens out of the shed they all make a bee line for the cube even though they don't live in it :lol:

Chester the horse is only three so is just starting to be ridden, he is really gentle and easy to handle {dispite being 16hh and still growing} he has very long whiskers and feathers.

I will post some pics when I have worked out how :?

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