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Egluntine 140g


Chocchick 139g


Chocchick 137g (softie)


Smidge 131g


Timmy 114g

Lynn in Bristol 112g


Ginette 112g


Fourfinches 112g


Snowy Howells 110g


Rhapsody 110g


Asolomio 109g


Crookham Chooks 105g


Egluntine 104g


Helly Welly 104g


Redfrock 103g


Sam42 103g


Craftyhunnypie 102g


Craftyhunnypie 102g (again...18.12.2008.....chook = Smartie)


Couperman & Couperwife 102g


LisaP 100g


Perhaps a mod could do something creative with this. :lol:


Shall we limit it to eggs over 100g?


Anyone beaten these figures?

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has anybody had problems after their girls laid larger eggs? I think my record is about 100g, so not going to score any points, but it has led to these being referred to as Eye Watering Eggs (or EWEs for short) - I had to swallow hard and wince when I saw the first one! :wink:


Are they more likely to prolapse when they lay these? Which breeds lay the largest eggs - mine are Omlet Gingernuts, are they the biggest layers?

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Here it is in all it's glory, and a double-yolker.


At the top 54g, 73g and 139g


In omlet eggcups next to 73g egg


She does lay eggs at least 80-90g generally, but seems OK unless she has a soft egg. I saw her lay a 137g egg on the lawn the same week and it just slid out really easily in one go :shock:

She has had undiagnosed health problems several times though :?

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I just assumed he had bought an ostrich by mistake


Me too!


The largest egg I have had was about 100g, Snooty laid it and it was a double yolker. she generally lays eggs about 65g-70g, so does Bossy, but Snooty is a sporadic layer. Cheeky is a small girl and churns out 55g ones on a daily basis. However, they are all having a protracted moult at the moment, so not many eggs at all :?


Growing up with my grans chickens, she regularly had weird eggs as she had probably 50 laying chickens at any one time. I quite liked the ones in a 'bag' no shell, just the membrane (so did grandmas dog, they were her treat :D ) but once she had a quadruple yolker that was long and had several 'waists'. There were the occasional fertile ones too, all bloody :shock: .

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