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You know it has been wet when....

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..... you go to hang the washing out and find the line is all tied down with bindweed! :shock:


Which set me thinking, I can't remember when I last dared put any washing out to dry - must be a few weeks now.


There must be a better way to spend a day off work :roll:

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I know when it's been wet as there are loads of slugs in the chickens run - much to their entertainment ( they wouldn't go bed last night for flinging them around & playing netball with them!

Also the frogs come out! I have been very brave lately and thought to myself if I see I frog I'm going to stare at it and think - watch it frog..I'm bigger than you.



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Don't mention slugs...... :twisted:


We've lost a plum tree - it had a lot of fruit but the rain made it so heavy that it has split right down the middle :( Half is still upright and half is horizontal - the fruit and leaves are still OK except that the fruit on both halves is going rotten :?

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When people at work are going round in bare feet.


Here in Oxford it has been very dry up until today. Sometimes it went dark and there was one drop, but my grass was getting the bleached dried-out look this week, and I have been out watering twice. Wednesday was a beautiful hot dry day, and Thursday was quite nice too.


But today it was wet. Seriously wet. Buckets full of water in the garden that were empty buckets last night. We have all been taken by surprise. It's the most rain there has ever been in a day in Oxfordshire for forty years (and there are still six hours of the day to go).

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