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Mrs Blue Sky

My big news!

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I have been keeping myself to myself for ages - in case I jinxed our plans - but I don't need to keep the secret anymore - yesterday we exchanged contracts on a smallholding in Devon and are due to move on 14th August! How amazing is that? I keep pinching myself, but apparently am awake and it is true! We have a farmhouse for me, Mr Blue Sky and our three fluffy little clouds, a two bedroom cottage for my Mum and Dad just across the farmyard, more stables, barns and outbuildings than you can shake a stick at, a manege (eh? sp) for pony bothering, and eight green and shaggy acres. I am BESIDE myself! This has been our five-year plan for longer than five years; we kept waiting for the right time (which has never come) and decided that this year it has to happen, come what may. My mum and dad aren't getting any younger (nor me for that matter) and my dad is frail with Parkinsons, so we can't wait any longer. The children will go to the local primary school where they will make the numbers up to 41, I will grow some veg - hopefully rather a lot of veg in fact - and Mr BS will have fun investigating various green projects that have been preoccupying him for ages. He is already in character, and has gone Country by growing a beard (is it compulsory? If so I will cultivate mine ha ha) and I am having a lot of fun at his expense with jokes about Tramps and Sleeping in Hedges.


Anyway I won't go on - just wanted to shout from the rooftops!

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Fantastic news Mrs Blue Sky


It sounds ideal.


I'm glad all your plans have worked out for you


You'll have to keep us all up to date on how it all works out


Don't forget some pics



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:lol: congratulations, and well done for following your dream - it sounds wonderful.


Was watching 'Build a New Life in The Country -was it worth it' last night - and the conclusion of the couple in that episode was yes, it definitely was!


bet your chickens can't wait, too!

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sounds great, paul is very jealous and i can see us gatecrashing in september when we come to devon and cornwall.


paul has been eying up land for the goat he wants. still looking, but one day....................................


brilliant for you and your family!

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