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RIP Julian

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I mentioned in an earlier post that my Boy who lives with mum Julian was unwell, mum took him to the vets he said he had lost a lot of weight but gave him some antibiotics and some for us to give him. For a day he looked like he was perking up a bit but yesterday he passed away.


He was only 18 months old and we have no idea what happened (she lost his hatching sister Jane a few weeks ago too)mum is upset (and I am too) as he was such a beautiful gentle boy.


He leaves behind his hatching sister Katherine, 12 babies and his beloved Tufty Anna and of course me and mum along with his other girls one of which Victoria will now get a long deserved rest and chance to regrow some of her feathers (he was rather loving)

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I am still chuckling at how he used to get out early, escape from the run then crow at the front door. My dad who sleeps in a room directly opposite said he is convinced that Julian had his beak as close as he could get it to the door, he knew that door was a source of food and would often be seen doing this in the afternoon. As I said he has 12 babies and no doubt there is a son and heir so he lives on.

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