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We have been initiating our daughters into the delights of some of the TV we used to love a few years ago.

They loved Blackadder & now quote it all the time to their bemused freinds who really have no idea what they are on about, The Young Ones & Fawlty Towers.

Devon (who is 14) is threatening to quote The Germans in her German class, which is a bit of a worry :?


Last week we all watched Game On, which they thought was hilarious too :D


We have enjoyed watching all these oldies as much as they have,& had forgotten how truly fab they are 8)

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I remember my dad used to roll around watching the Goodies. I do like Fawlty Towers, but only saw it when the re runs were on in the late 80's :D

The bit where Basil hit the Mini with the stick makes me howl.


We live really near to the Hotel that was used in Fawlty Towers, & the surrounding area, like where they filmed the bit where he is thrashing his car with a branch.



Talking of Blackadder quaotes, mine are always on about Turnips in the shape of a thingy, or saying "Hello bridesmaid,like the beard,gives me something to HANG (insert pelvic thrust) on to" :roll:

Sadly they have also recently seen Waynes World & quote that a lot too

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My hubby has recently found a satellite channel showing "On the Buses" and he seems to watch it every night :shock: . Drives me mad, classic tv it ain't and I end up going to bed early simply to escape it :roll::roll: Oh, and he loves "Open all Hours" and watches that at the drop of a hat as well :roll:

That said I do agree Fawlty Towers and Blackadder are in a class of their own.......... well worth watching again and again :D:D .

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