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Horrible driving experince....advice needed

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Just had another phone call from the local Police station, to say that they are VERY aware of the situation with the van drivers of this business, & are keeping a close eye 8)


There are so many nasty people out there. Are they just like this behind the wheel,I wonder?

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Well done that girl.

We are cursed with 3 sinners in in NW London


1 White van man - usually a male whose brains have slipped southwards and is rude and gobby to boot

2 Big black car lady - OH has purchased this monster for her to take the brats sorry kids to public school 5 mins up the road. She cant park it, drives in the middle of the road and mouths off at you if you are poodling along on your side minding your own business.

3 Lastly - Smart car drivers - these horrible little cars are parked sideways usually cms from your bumper in a space you have struggled to get into. Also round here they tail gate - something that I hate and normally reduces me to a bad tempered witch. I have found putting your brakes on suddenly and then speeding off freaks them out as they realise they might not have time to stop.

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My car must have some inbuilt sensor as when someone tailgates me the car slows to below 20 miles an hour and can carry on like this for miles. Not found the switch that turns this off :whistle:



I have brake lights that are incredibly sensitive... Not braking at all, but they will turn on. Good deterrant als well.

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I 'd really LOVE one of those LED signage things that lights up along the back windscreen so that you can choose your message....'back off, you moron' 'get out of my exhaust pipe please' etc!


I have to admit that some of the 30 mph speed limits round here are a bit silly but they are THE LAW and I will stick to them...if others don't like that then its tough!


All kudos to Cinnamon for sticking up for herself :clap: !

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in my opinion there are quite a few offences committed by the van driver here:


Dangerous driving/driving without due care and attention

Causing alarm harassment or distress/Causing intentional alarm harassment or distress

Fear or provocation of unlawful violence

Possibly affray too


If something similar happens, get your phone out and call 999. Calling the police (or other emergency services) is the one time you can use your mobile whilst driving too

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Along with the LED signs, I'd like a Bond car - oil slick for anyone following too close, tyre-slashing gadget for anyone shoving from the side, and machine gun and/or rocket launcher for anyone cutting me up or dawdling along along at 27 miles precisely on an empty road (and I don't tailgate) :twisted:.


Having been forced to brake hard again this morning to avoid someone who just decided to sweep across lanes on the motorway without any indication or thought, just thinking about it makes me feel better ...


Wonder how your idiot would feel if someone behaved that way towards his wife, daughter, mother? Would he still feel it was an appropriate way to behave?

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