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Crisis At Jimmy's Farm?

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Hiya everyone,


I've just got the TV magazine for programmes beginning Saturday throught o next week & was a bit concerned. Jimmy's farm is on BBC2 on Sunday & it says is it over? The lease is up or something & it says has Jimmy's dream come to an end? I hope not as we will all be wanting to re home his chickens & piggy wigs!



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Oh, no Emma, that's rotten news :( . Maybe though if he has to go because of an expired lease or whatever he might be able to move on and extend his little empire to a bigger and better farm :?


Emma, where is JImmys Farm - tried looking for in on thenet but drew a blank


Mrs B


It's in Suffolk somewhere Mrs B, not far from Ipswich. I did have precise details but I can't remember them now. The address should be in the get-togethers thread with info about the previous Jimmys/Omlet meets. Or check out the essex pig company on the net.......... I think you'll find that that's him :wink:

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