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Beware! Neighbours as chicken sitters.

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Last week we went away on holiday for a week and our elderly next door neighbour kindly offered to chicken sit our three chooks. :) Before leaving, I made sure that it would be as easy as possible for her. The Eglu and run was thoroughly cleaned out, glug and grub filled to the top, a pile of corn on the cob in the fridge (so she could get them back in the run easily), pellets decanted into a plastic container on the kitchen side, the eglu door left open so they could get up and go to bed and our mobile phone numbers on the memo board...just in case.

She said she would pop in once a day to check food and water levels, collect eggs and let the girls out for an hour. Nice and easy.

Well, we came back Saturday evening to find...

her absolutely gushing about the chickens. She had been spending most of the day in our garden letting them free range, been sweeping up after them (I think the garden was actually more tidy than when we left it :shock: ), been feeding them breakfast, lunch and dinner :shock: , had a pair of her shoes residing at our back door and was totally in love with them.

Since our return, she has been talking to them over the fence and has prepared a bowl of freshly cooked peelings every evening for their dinner - 'as we don't want them to go hungry dear, do we?' :D Bless!

My chooks have been spoilt rotten! I can feel a custody battle coming on! 8)

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Yeah, not just free peelings but trimmed and cooked as well! :D

I don't think she would want her own chickens per se. I'm hoping it's like the kids raving about a toy they have played with round a friends house, which you them subsequently buy them for their birthday/Christmas...for it to be completely ignored! :?

It is sweet though...there is another lady at the back of us who delibrately sits out in her garden to hear the chickens and try to guess when they have laid an egg by the noise they make :lol: It brings back memories of when she was a child in the war and her parents kept chooks :)

And to think we were worried sick about the noise they made when we first got them!

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My neighbours are lovely too! The one round the corner whose garden is sideways on to ours (we live on a corner) is always popping round & talking to the girls through the holly hedge. She brings me newspapers & bags of salad she can't eat as there is only her. She loves the sweet noises they make & laughs if they are a bit loud. She says it's all nice noise.

The neighbours nextdoor I catch peeping as they are hanging the washing out & when he goes to his garage - the original chooks do a high pitched bawwwwwwk to say hello. I always hear him chuckle!

Any other neighbours, we don't really know as our garden goes to a point and 5 other gardens join ours at the point.



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Yes, we have an elderley neighbour who absolutely loves our chooks. We keep her in eggs now (to be honest she's helping us out on the egg front as we are a bit swamped!). She came round on the first day we had them and I think she fell in love with them there and then. her daschund, Robbie, isn't quite so keen but, as Edgeman pointed out, he is smaller then them! Apparently the couple who lived in our house before us kept chooks. The neighbour on the other side who is a complete fruitcake is also chook friendly, much to our surprise.


Glad you have such a nice neighbour too! :D

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