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Nicola O

KFC cruelty !!

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I was just mooching through the Practical Poulty forum and saw this :-




(sorry, I dont know how to make it a link - I copied this from the other site but I dont think it works now. You'll have to copy and past into address bar, or a mod might be able to link it for me)


It is HORRIBLE. It reallt upset me and reduced me to tears, but I'm glad I watched it as I do eat KFC occasionally - but never again.


KFC :evil::evil::evil:


PLease don't watch if easily upset, you have been warned.



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I havent eaten KFC for a long time because it isnt free range.


Although, it isnt just KFC that raises/produces and processes chicken in this way. All the major supermarkets/suppliers process their chicken in this way (ie the slaughter), whether it be broiler chickens, free range or organic.


Im not sticking up for them in any means. I am just aware of poultry issues as nearly my whole family are involved with poultry/agriculture in some way.


I agree it is very upsetting, i cannot stand cruelty to animals. :evil:

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I watched some of it, i know where my food comes from, but i dont like thinking about it. I have eaten KFC in the past (when i didnt know how the birds where reared) but i didnt like it and i thought it was discusting. I think the worse part in the film is the fact that those birds look like our little Gemma :cry: I hated the beak clipping and the comments some people made where awful.

I hope it does have an impact on people though.



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Call me ignorant but I really wasn't aware that the chooks are trated like that :shock: ...and I used to work in a butchers.


Up until today I ate KFC fairly regularly, Obviously not any more. The most powerful thing anyone can do is vote with your money and its going to be the chippy from now on.


As a side note i would love to meet the dude who was stamping on the chickens in the vid, that would be a fun day! :twisted: Its amazing that these people still exist :wall:


The only positive i can see is that its one more reason to watch Pammie!... Didn't she do another vid? :oops:

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Oh my goodness, I knew it would be bad but that was awful ... :(

Haven't eaten KFC since getting my own chooks, but that was only because I had a vague idea that they were kept in overcrowded conditions and slaughtered too early. I prefert to know the full facts, no matter how unpalateable. Those poor debeaked babies. :cry:


And I don't normally rate Pammy, but she's gone up in my estimation (sure that'll please her :roll: ) Good for her.

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i cant even bare to click on the link so i dont knmow what the vid's about.


However, ive NEVER been one for KFC rubbish! It should be banned, it stinks like farts!!! When we drive past it on the way to other stores, i always raise my eye brows at Ross,


and hes like ''Its not me, HONEST its KFC''


who on earth could eat that shizzly food is beyond me.


However, i think KFC in our town has been closed due to Rats.

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The film didn't surprise me :( . It surprises me that people don't know that this is how animals are kept!

I don't eat meat at all, nor does my husband or children, I have been veggie for 23 years, my husband 19 years, 2 of my children have tried meat, the other has never eaten meat. Whether an animal is a pet or reared for eating it still has feelings.


I cannot bear to think that something has died so that I can eat it. I hate the way the animals are reared and slaughtered. I hate the fact that they are pumped full of so many chemicals.


I read recently that in the 2008 Olympics, they are having to restrict the Athletes to Organic meat, as if they ate non organic the drugs tests would show positive, as the meat is so full of drugs!


Ok, so many people say that it is natural to eat meat, but we are also able to decide not to eat it. We do not need to eat it.

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Well, I made myself watch it and a lot of it didn't shock or suprise me although it disgusted me to the pit of my stomach, these companies are all about profit and the only concession to animal welfare is keeping them alive long enough to be of use. I couldn't watch the men walking on the hens though, that was particularly awful. People should know where their food comes from, not just that burgers are cows or KFC is chickens, but how they're kept and slaughtered, only THEN can they make a true choice about eating meat.


Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a human being. I can only hope for those men that what goes around comes around.


MRs Bertie

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I know there was a warning on this but i've just watched it at work (thankfully no-one is in because i've got tears running down my cheeks) and am disgusted by this.


How can anyone be that cruel to a living creature. I would love to give those people a taste of their own medicine and treat them the same way they treated those chickens.....I hope they all get their commupence :evil::evil::evil:

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and slaughtered too early.


The farms where my husband works to supply the major supermarkets are as follows -


Standard chickens (broilers) are slaughtered at 39 days old

Free Range change chickens 57 days old

Organic chickens 70 days old




So whether you buy chicken from KFC or Marks and spencer or Sainsburys etc etc if you consume chicken in some shape or form it will have been slaughtered in the same way, and if its standard chicken (that you get in burgers/steaks/chicken nuggets/kievs/whole chicken etc) it will have been kept in houses like on the video.


I agree with Louise that the standard of welfare in this country is better than shown. But the majority of this country want cheap meat - so will continue to buy cheap "standard" chicken. (which are kept indoors) :roll:


Its upsetting to see the cruelty and the slaughter of animals, and seeing anything slaughtered is simply not nice.

However if your choice is to eat meat (which I dont - veggie for 20 years) then it has to be slaughtered and processed.

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argh, couldnt watch more than a few secs. id seen these tye of videos before but it never got to me this badly because i had never seen chickens in real life. now that i have some babies of my own i can understand and see clearly how distressed and unhappy they are.

dam you KFC :evil: you've definately lost a customer here.

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I don't know what to say - that clip was horrendous - I feel physically sick - how can people be so cruel, it makes me so mad :twisted:


I for one will not eat KFC again - I could never be vegetarian as I do enjoy meat but I always try to make sure that the meat I buy is from humane sources but at the end of the day how do you trully know how an animal has been treated before it is killed?????

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I havent watched this video as the last one I watched was very distressing and very off putting of eating meat.


Not to defend KFC but I imagine that the meat processors that KFC use are no better or worse than other companies. They all have a duty and have to abide by laws and regulations just as everyone else does in the world, but the sad fact is that some, a minority will always be cruel, evil and selfish......


KFC and any other large company would not to able to control every individual employee everywhere in the world but thats not to say that the other employees shouldnt try to put a end to this behaviour.


We both eat meat and I always hope that what we buy has been treat with some dignity but this I dont think can ever be guaranteed unless tighter regualtions are in place and have external bodies monitoring companies 24/7.


Lets hope that companies of all sizes try their best to stop any cruelty that might arise in these places.

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The law in the USA is rubbish for animal welfare as the legislation actually states that they cover animals with the exception of mice rats and birds :?


It really does and this in turn creates a culture of it doesn't matter as they aren't really animals :roll:


I am not defending it in any way but it shows how these propaganda things filmed in one country and shown in another can skew the way you think of all of these production places :?

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