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Silkie x sexing

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Hi guys, 

Me again 😐. I’d just like your thoughts on what sex my silkie is. She hatched out mid August last year and I was told she was female, but by looking at various photos of other silkies, I am having doubts that she may be? She’s crossed with something, the people I bought her from don’t know what breed exactly, but her skin is actually white underneath, to me she doesn’t look like a typical silkie around the face. If she is in fact a boy she will definitely have to go, as my neighbours will definitely have something to say which terrifies me! I’ve uploaded a couple of photos. The ones in the run are from today but I uploaded ones on the grass where her crest is dry and round (today she decided to sit in a spot exactly where the drizzle goes). I should add that the whole roof has shelter on top and I will be buying some covers for the 1/4of the run side which isn’t covered.





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Silkies are notoriously difficult to sex and often don’t crow till they are  at least 5 months.   As are Poland’s.  I’ve ended up with unintended cockerels so I am no expert.  Signs which may help are sweeping saddle feathers and more red face furniture than you’d expect.  Mmmm.. it does look like a boy...Good luck! 

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Turns out she is in fact a girl! 😲 Today I went to let them out and the two pekins bundled out the door whereas Silkie is usually out first. She was sat in the nest area staring back at me (with almost a look of concentration on her) then I hear  *plonk* she gets up and there’s an egg under her and she casually walks out the coop with no fuss or noise (thank goodness) 😂

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