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The Creepy Or Cool Thread

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All spiders are def creepy :anxious: but yours looks a bit dead so not too bad - but still creepy :anxious:


I hate them this time of year when they build webs across the greenhouse doorway and garden paths and you feel the web across your face and you just know there must be a monster spider in your hair :shock::shock:

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I think gerbils are creepy. How can an animal detach it's tale and just grow another, that is just odd.



Gerbils can't grow another tail.

I know that most lizards can do this so that if they get grabbed by their tail, they shed it and the detatched part of the tail wriggles about so that the predator's interest is with the tail giving the lizard a chance to run away. :D


Gerbils can loose their tail if they are trapped or grabbed by the end of it but it does bleed so it's not something they would want to do unless they felt they had no choice and they can't grow a new one. :(

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