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New Year, New Hens 😛

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Having lost a couple of our older hens during 2020, now seemed like a good time to restock for the New Year. Our new hens are “Emeralds”, which are quirky looking hens, who’s appearance varies from hen to hen. Ours are predominantly white in colour, but have black and grey splash markings. Their araucana breeding also means they are rumpless (so they have no tail or very little tail). One of ours has developed ear tufts, another trait of the breed. Most importantly, once a little older they will lay Blue (or possibly Green) eggs.

We’ve decided to call them Saphira and Stormfly, after fictional blue dragons.



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One of my hens is an emerald and age lays blue-green eggs. She is also a funny little girl and loves to escape from the walk-in run...... she lurks by the door and as she is a bit smaller than the other two she darts underneath them and sometimes gets out!  She also likes to fly!   


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