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Just wondered where you get your chicken stuff from that works out cheap and easy. Mainly food. Im guessing if I mail order over the net I would get hit by high shipping costs for bulky stuff like food.


I know I can get straw from pet stores easily enough, but can you get layered mash from places like pets at home or other pet stores? I dont kive in a v ery rural area so wondereed what will be the easiest way of getting the main food and treat stuff from.


Im guessing the woodchip for the run I will be best of getting from a DIY store.

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If you are in a rural area I would look for a horse supplies shop - they will sell bedding (shavings or aubiose), straw, garlic powder and most also stock some chickeny things like the feed and poultry spice. Whereabouts are you?


Sorry, I've just re read this and you say you don't live in a very rural area :roll: Still worth looking for a horsey shop though - there's a lot about! :lol:

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I live in a rural area in Cornwall (not that there is much of it left now) and we visit our local agricultural/farm warehouse.


We get a 20kg bag of layers pellets for just over £5. And a 20kg bag of mixed corn is just over £6


I don't think that's bad. When we first got chickens we went to Cornwall Farmers and they charged about that, but for just 5kg bags!

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I get my feed & mite powder & tonic / poultry spice from HJ Leas very close to where I live in Sandbach. I normally get my easy bed & straw from there too. Newspapers come from my good neighbour! :lol:

But my sister has told me not to buy straw in future as she has bales & bales of the stuff! woohoo! The perks of having a farmers wife for your sister. She also gives me some wheat for them too!!! :D



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It might be worth trying a few searches on Yell.com for local suppliers. I get our feed and hemcore from a local horsey shop that is attached to some boarding kennels on the edge of town. For the woodchips, we found it far cheaper and easier (as it was delivered to us) to buy them from a local tree surgery company. Neither of these actively advertise, so I didn't know of them until I searched online and then had a quick ring round.

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I get mine from a feed merchant in Dorking, plus my straw etc. However, if you have a local riding school or similar, they will probably know where is the best place to try, as places which sell horse feed generally sell chicken feed too. Pet shops tend to be much more expensive.

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I live in a city but have a horsey supplier 5 miles away. They sell hemcore (brilliant stuff), garlic powder, pellets & apple cider vinegar.


I got a lot of my other bits and pieces on line - you don't always have to pay a lot of postage & if there's nowhere near you that sells the same stuff, it's a good way to get things you need.


You can also get a surprising amount of chicken supplies on eBay!


Here's a list of websites I have either used or have taken a note of when other forum users have mentioned them. Sorry there's so many of them :oops: but hopefully it may save you some searching!
















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this website has garlic, less than half the price than our local feed shop. i have also just bought two of their green galvanised feeders which look great




we live about five miles from a city and we get our bits from kens corn stores which is in a garden centre/craft park. they have organic layers pellets £10 for 20kg and corn £6 for 20kg and hemcore £7 for a bale or bliss £6 for a bale.

our local pets at home sell non organic layers pellets and normal pet bedding like small bags of straw and shavings.

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