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Music .....whats your'e fave at the moment.

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I lurve music from opera to pop whats youre faves? .


For me at the moment can't stop listening to The Fray ...How to save a life.They're Cd is brilliant.




Hugs Layla



Love verdi, puccini, pink,keane, zuchero, Dixie Chicks to name but a few

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Foo Fighters (im going to see them in concert in 10 days time :dance: )

and their new album is brilliant to get me motivated on the way to work in the car!! :D


Foo Fighters for me too :lol: I'm off to see them next Saturday :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:


Let me know what they are like please!!! cant wait.


I will do :lol: I can't wait either :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:


This time next week it will all be over for me, while you will still have Birmingham to look forward to :(

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The Magic Numbers - I love driving with them on :D


Me too Fee - I love The Magic Numbers :P


I have also been listening to a couple of old CDs.

The Fun Lovin Criminals did a great one a couple of years ago called 'Mimosa' - its all lounge music in their eniviatable style.They do an amazing cover of 10cc's 'I'm not in love'


And Aerosmith did a Blues CD a few years ago called 'Honkin on Bobo' which I am really into at the moment too :P


Funnily enough I didn't get into either of these when I first bought them upon their release :roll:


I am into The Killers too, who I think are fantastic & My Chemical Romance, thanks to my daughters 8):P

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Good heavens :shock:

is Carter still going, I remember them from the 90's (oh I feel old :lol: )


I love The Cult for a bit of major noise first thing in the morning.


I also love Newton Falkner - he just looks cool 8)





Carter have reformed after 10 years to do 2 gigs. One in Glasgow which was last week and one at Brixton Academy on Friday.


I can't wait.



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Are you going to the Back Stage party @ Brixton for a few beers with the band after the show???? :wink:


I am going to the Official After Show Party at Jamm (I think that's nearby) to rub shoulders with 'Uncle Fruity' & Jimbob.


How on earth did you know that!!!



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