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My lovely Gemma died last night.

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I saw my lovely Gemma go to chicken heaven last night.

She had had a lovely day, even if it was a bit hot, with all the treats that Peggy hasn't wanted to eat.

I had noticed she had her beak open, but it was pretty hot, and the others had their beaks open too.

In the evening I went to get the eggs and she was still panting, which I thought was strange because all the others were fine. Her comb looked a bit dark too.

The next minute, she had a fit, which made her land in a comfy hollow, where I stroked her gently and she went to sleep.

She almost made it to her 9th birthday.

Sweet dreams, my dear little, chatty Gemma xx 

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18 minutes ago, Daphne said:

I'm sorry to hear it, Luvachicken, she obviously meant a lot to you. 

Thank you @Cat tails and @Daphne

She did mean a lot and she was very special.

Gemma would often sit on my lap, and no matter what I asked her, she would always reply.

She was born strong and survived her crop operation that she needed after eating chicken bedding. Although expensive at the time, it saved her life and I'm glad that I paid out for it - even though the Head that I worked for then, said it would have been cheaper to put her out for the fox.


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