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The Grass isn't always greener.

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Youngest son (aged eighteen) was on the phone for ages last night. He then appeared in the kitchen and asked last night if his friend XX could come for tea.


The reply was yes so he phoned him back.


YS then hovered around the kitchen and it was clear that summat was up.


I asked him what was on his mind and he told me that XX was really fed up and had told him that he YS was lucky to have parents like us. :shock::shock:


XX’s parents separated when he was 9 and they have used him as a stick with which to beat each other ever since.


XX, a nice enough lad, has a top of the range car :?, every piece of electronic gadgetry imaginable, designer clothes, a contract phone, money to burn etc etc. even though he is a student.


He lives in a luxury apartment with his mother, and there are also cottages in Cornwall and Bakewell and a time share in Majorca.


His mother is a high earning corporate ***** and his father a complete waste of space who is now on his third family, having abandoned the 2nd in much the same way as he did XX.


XX said he can’t remember when he last sat down to a meal prepared by or with either of his parents. :shock:


He had come home for the third day in succession to an empty fridge and was sick of foraging for himself.


Neither have any interest in where he is going or who he is with. I already knew that he had gone to the Leeds Festival and neither of them had had the faintest inkling that he had been away for three days. :?


XX told YS that he thought that YS was lucky to have parents who nag and pester him and want to know exactly where he is going, who he will be with etc.


He was lucky to have parents who look after him, feed him and care about him.


I could see that this had given YS something to think about.


Previously we have had “well XX has got one” and “XX can stay out all night” etc and it has caused problems sometimes.


Now I think YS has worked out exactly which of them has drawn the short straw!


If XX wasn’t over 18 I’d be calling Social Services.


Neglect isn’t just a poverty thing.

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Poor lad :( It just goes to show that possessions are meaningless, all that counts is a safe roof over your head, family and food in your belly!


Good job you are available as a surrogate mother Egluntine, if he has no contact with a parental figure in his life he could go off the rails or be taken for a ride by some streetwise 'friend'.

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That reminds me of some of the kids in the school I did teaching practice in many years ago - plenty of cash, but no attention. Parents bought them things to keep them occupied but didn't show any affection or care.....and more recently one of my piano pupils said "Mummy's going away AGAIN" - and I know they live in a big expensive house, and she has a full-time nanny, but from the tone of voice I could tell exactly what this little girl wanted - her mummy......... :(

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That is so sad....... :(


Nothing to stop you 'adopting' him Egluntine :D


My Gran had two sons 13 years apart - and 'adopted' two others with no 'visible' family, when they were in their late teens/early twenties. So, I have two extra uncles, and still see them both.


They started off as lodgers, work colleagues of my father and uncle.

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