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Christian is Smiling!! *they are here*!!!!!

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Firstly, Christian I am so sorry to hear about Babs, from what I have read you were a very caring and I'm sure she had a very happy life with you :cry:


But as for the more chooks go ahead - Yay! :D


As for breeds, I think the Silver Laced Wyandottes look fab, my personal chicken wish list is Black Frizzle, a Pekin and a Houdan.


And Orange and Blue eglus - 8)8)



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As I am pants at Geography,I have no idea if you are anywhere near to Beaulieu or not, but if you are there is a place there that has heaps of hens,including Marans & Legbars.


My Geography is seriously worst then yours Cinnamon. I had no idea where Beaulieu was, so have just googled it :oops:


Its just down the road from me! :roll: Are you going via the M3?

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Not a clue - I leave that to the man of the house (& the Satnav) 8):lol:


Here is a link to their site -




I found the site a little off putting - very busy & hard to read, but when I phoned they were lovely.


The chap was telling me how they had French Marans which lay very glossy dark brown eggs & English marans too.

I fancy a coule of those, plus maybe a legbar for blue eggs.


Still got to talk The Hubby into the longish trip there, but as he is out 3 times next week I reckon he owes me :wink:

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Sure will,Christian :P


Its the French Maran that caught my eye...............

I have a recon (blue eglu) coming on Saturday, so hope to fill it on Sunday :wink:


Just a quick word of warning - the guy I spoke to was lovely & obviously knowledgable, but very,very traditional in his views, so I'm not sure how an Eglu is going to go down with him :?

You know how it is sometimes :roll:

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Brilliant news C :D *does a chicken dance of joy* Orange eglus are just the best!


As for pure breeds - well, you're talking to an addict here. I love them! Personally, I'd get a sliver laced wyandotte, gold laced wyandotte (see a pattern emerging here?), a Marans for the dark brown eggs, and something to lay blue eggs. Marans and barnevelders aren't too big at all; my barnie bantam is a lovely hen and a good layer for a pure breed.


Any room for a little one on the trip???? *jiggles in excitement*


BTW, I've done both - gone straight out and got a replacement, and with Ruby Tuesday, I waited a while. The straight away thing works best for me, but because i'm impulsive, I guess.

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Well done Christian - I am so happy for you! :D


We have a cuckoo maran - she's completely bonkers - a constant source of amusement and a reliable layer. She's not too big either.


Barnevelders - also another favourite of mine - but I couldnt find a local breeder when I was looking - the double laced ones are very pretty and they are a large breed.


Have fun looking though....there are so many lovely breeds to chose from. :D

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Thank you all!!


So far we are looking at a light sussex, Barnevelder and a silver pencilled/laced wyandotte.


But according to the Omlet guide (and a breeder) they are too big for the eglu/run + convertor! :shock: . My hens free range most days, with only a few days per month when they would be confined to the run.


I really wanted chickens not bantams (sorry if this offends).


Any ideas?


p.s can't get a run extension, not enough room, without ripped out half of the veggie garden/fences etc :wink:

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I quite agree Clare. With your set up Christian they will be fine. We have cochins (which are big) in an eglu. We also have converter and ours free range most of the time also.


Go for the breeds you want - they will be treated like princesses anyway - they wont want for anything!! :D

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We have got a Light Sussex in our eglu but we have joked that if she gets any bigger then she won't fit through the door. :lol:


She is lovely and chunky, not skinny like the hybrids and is laying lovely lilacy beige eggs at the moment all 60g or bigger. She has laid the last 2 days running, usually every couple of days.

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Yay Orange!!

And yay,new chooks!!


I'm going for Buff Sussex, a Bluebelle, and either a Naked Neck OR a Silver Laced Wyandotte.


That is, unless I can convince DH that 4 is the same as 3 really.


But bearing in mind he had a bit of an adverse reaction last time the number 4 was mentioned, I'm not sure that's going to be possible.


Hazel xx

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Christian. It's really hard loosing a hen as I know from back in July. I know you'll never be able to replace her as hens all have their individual characters, and I know that my Henrietta is certainly irreplaceable as she was just so friendly, cheeky, yet shy at the same time.


Barnevelders are really lovely birds, we were told that they only grow to be a little bit bigger than Bluebelles and as Starlet is fine in the eglu we thought she would be too, (especially as Starlet is a massive bluebelle, she's surprisingly large!!!). Cream Legbars are really sweet too, slightly dopey, but very alert and inquisitive!


I didn't really want to get a replacement for her ASAP, as the two bluebelles needed to get used to being with each other, as we were planning to get youngsters and they needed to get the pecking order between them sorted out! Also we couldn't have got replacements straight away as he didn't have any suitable hens.


Anyway, whatever breeds you decide on, good luck with them and I hope you'll love them to bits!

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Experience! Go for 6 and if you have to negotiate down to 5 you've still won! :D:D:lol:


Ye-es, but don't forget the starting point was "zero chickens" . When it was obvious that we were going to get something, he understood the need for 2, then the logic of 3. in case one dies.


He absolutely flipped when he heard the mention of 4 (and he doesn't flip very often), but has since agreed that I can add a couple of ex-batts after a full year.


We'll see.

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Right, back from Worldwide Poultry!


Fantastic place, hundreds of chickens and not a dodgy one in slight.


I have decided on 1 light sussex, 1 silver sussex and have reserved 2 marans, 1 French, 1 English. I will decide on Friday when I pick them up.


He is a really knowledgeable man, and can talk for England. I picked up lots of tips and advice from him.


Will let you all know what i get! :D:D

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