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Christian is Smiling!! *they are here*!!!!!

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Christian i am so pleased for you! :D:D:D


How do you do it? You must tell us your secret as i have been hampering after guinea pigs for years and OH is still saying no! :roll::lol::lol:


Many congratulations on the orange eglu - what a fab colour - they look so sunshiney dont they? :D


As for names, how about any of these; Olive, Dot or Dotty, Betsy, Bertha, Clara, Dora or Ethel? 8)

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:dance: yay, way to go Christian! I'm so pleased for you!

Right, chickens. You need: Silver laced wyandotte (stunning looks), wheaten maran (again gorgeous) and an araucana (good looking and blue eggs). There you go, decision made :lol:

Oh yes, can I reserve them? :D

like your choices too Christian.


I do need to know your secret, I'm limited to 3. :pray: Maybe if I got a decent job I could just buy a new eglu in :think:

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As Laverne & Shirley are sort of 50's American names,how about names that stick to that theme?




I looked up Happy days on the IMDB for inspiration (point! :lol: )


Oh yes please name a chicken after me! I never hear of anyone or anything called Gloria anymore :cry:





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