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Christian is Smiling!! *they are here*!!!!!

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They are here!!!!!!!!!!



Introducing........Prudence, Elsbeth and Winifred!!






At the back is Prudence, the middle one is Elsbeth and the white one at the front is Winifred!



The 2 eglus




They really are beautiful and very BIG!!!! Winifred only just fits through the eglu door!


Laverne and Shirley are not happy chickens. They keep eyeing eachother up through the bars! They are constandly bok boking at eachother. Hopefully they will get used to the new ladies soon.


Right, off to tuck them in for the night.


Sorry it took so long to post pictures, i was outside staring at them for ages! :roll:

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They are lovely chickens, Christian. What did you get in the end, the French or English Maran? Can't see her too well in the photo. French?


I am seriously doubting getting another 2 now. My 3 are VERY BIG and I think 2 more BIG girls in a 10' x 4' run will be too crowded.


They look lovely and healthy and I must confess I did ring Worldwide Poultry yesterday 'just to see what they had'. :oops: My head is winning against my heart at the moment. I would hate for them to all fall out through lack of space and there's no room for another house and run :(

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Hi kt!


I went for the English maran in the end as we couldn't catch the French one!

(plus, i really wanted the English, OH wanted the French :oops: )


The maran and the silver sussex are only a bit bigger than my Omlet girls. The light sussex is a big girl, part of her charm! :wink:


I have just been out and they are all safe in the eglu. I had the broom ready but not needed! :D


There is still room in the new eglu :think::think::wink:

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