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Christian is Smiling!! *they are here*!!!!!

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What will you do with all those eggs? :lol:


I've got the same set-up, two in one Eglu and three in another. Eggs, what eggs? :evil: It's just the cold weather, I'm sure.


They look GORGEOUS Christian, and I love their names! Congratulations. Bet you'll be up really early tomorrow to see how they are.

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ooooh, happy new hens :lol:


I love them, you must be sooooo proud


I love the 2 eglus together, dont the colours look great. I've seen someone swap the doors and the eggport to do a match and clash thing with them.


enjoy them and make sure that you actually stop hen gazing and eat and sleep at some point this weekend :lol::lol:




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Did you see the Cream Legbars? What were they like? I'd like one of them and an English Maran.


yes, i saw the cream legbars. They are quite slender compared to the others.


Go for it!!


What if I just got the Cream Legbar? Would she settle in alright on her own?


My Babs is top chook and basically ignores the other two silly teenagers. They all get on fine in the run, when freeranging the young'uns (25 week non-layers) run at each other every now and then with necks all long but there's never any pecking so I think they're a pretty friendly bunch really.


What do you think?

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