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OK what are you all doing THIS weekend

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Well, tonight we have moved kitchen furniture a bit, taken the cafe nets down, cleaned the windows & squirted that expanding foam round the new windows as they were draughty. It is quadrupling in size - very funny!

I have put a load of stuff into storage in boxes & we have sanded the windowsills & varnished them.

Tomorrow, Saturday - we are painting the kitchen, going the tip, moving the table round - ordering a new cooker & welsh dresser. I will also nip into Woolworths & buy some Xmas tablecloths I have seen (red wipable) wih Xmas characters on! We are going for a red, Scandinavian theme for Xmas this year!

Sunday - continuing painting what we haven't finished etc & check round for some bantams to buy!


Next Wednesday I'm off to a friends Partylite party - so I can buy some nice stuff for my XMas table!!!! :wink:



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Bit tipsy tonight as been at a leaving do for a colleague and so having to watch my spelling - lovely night but too much red wine!! - nice though! and a meal out for a change. Shopping tomorrow if no sore head and usual weekend stuff like washing and ironing and cleaning and if nice out and into the garden - we had snow this morning so will wait and see.

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Met a friend after work for a drink, haven't seen him for about a year ('Ooh, did I tell you I've got chickens?') left him with the Omlet website details and having impressed on him how marvellous they are!


Tomorrow complete stranger is coming to see my Eglu! She's actually a work colleague of my friend's sister, and she wants chickens. We exchanged a few emails, and then she offered to buy my green Eglu in the spring, even before I had collected it from the seller. (I'm getting a Cube and selling the Eglus then). She is mad keen on keeping chickens, so she's coming over to see my ladies.


:think: Maybe I can get her to clean them out, she wants to know how they work so perhaps I could just stand back and direct operations!


Sunday will be filing :( , ironing :evil: , and possibly doing my tax return :twisted: - but then I'm allowed to go and cut brambles down on my friend's allotment! They are 5' high, so she's got someone with a brush-cutter coming and we're going to have a big bonfire. There will be some soup-making, cake-baking and gardening fitted into the weekend as well.

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Bit late for this, but here goes...

Went to bed v early last night, v tired

Up at 7 today with children wanting cooked breakfasts of porridge for Ethey (Ethan's a bit young to expect him to do this yet :lol: ) & boiled egg for Alexander. Hubby is working ALL DAY till 5 ( had his day off on Weds) & Alexander starts football again 11-12, so my friend collects & takes him there for me, & Ethan & I will walk to the leisure centre 5 mins away for 12 & then go swimming in the pool- children are free, adults £2.90


I need to get bread & potatoes, we didn't do a big shop when we went shopping on Weds :roll:

Tonight children are wanting to sleep at Grandma's down the road :D

Sunday we wil be at church in the morning, it will be a special service as we are having a baby dedication service for Matthew- extra special as his grandparents have both been seriously ill recently.

I MUST clean out the chooks in the afternoon... they haven't been cleaned since I collected them from BIL last Sunday (well, it's not been fit...)

we usually go to church again in the evening, there is a creche there which Ethan loves, then it's make butties for lunches for work on Monday, bathe & bed :wink:

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Building our cube! :lol:


It's arrived and we've made a start. Now we're approaching football, ballet time so it'll have to wait until this afternoon.


Tomorrow someone's coming to buy the eglu, and then I wanted to go and get new chickens, but I've got a work thing on :( . Never mind - soon

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oooh, im a bit late for this but hey.

last night sat and watched "crime TV", you know, Bones, CSI, criminal minds,etc

this morning, just been for a 5 mile run (feeling very proud of myself, only stopped to cross a road and tie my shoe laces up again :lol: ) too me 1 hour 10 mins (im rather slow, but I get there in the end) :lol:

tonight me and kev are going to Newcastle to see Bill Bailey (never mind the buzzcocks fame)

tomorrow will be marking coursework (in between forumming - if thats a word :lol: )


yay - weekends :lol:




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Also v. late for this but.

......last night fell asleep in front of the Doc Martin double eipsode thing, :roll:


..this morning dropped eldest at Rainbows Gang Show rehearsal following a paddy from her about not wanting to go, then her being all excited when she got there. The went to buy more chook food and Aubiose. A delightful day of laundry awaits, interspersed with washing up, hoovering and tidying two pigsty bedrooms! Then both girls have a disco / birthday party to go to. - TAXI!! :lol: At some stage must fit in chook cleaning, dog walking and garden tidying. Already have slow roast lamb in the oven so dinner sorted, just got to do sticky garlic roasties to go with it. Yum.


....Sunday, Mums for early lunch then middle daughter has a birthday party, OH is doing a jam night at the loca pub so I shall be faced with the bed time battle on my own, followed (hopefully) be peace and quiet!


Mrs B

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I've got a really busy weekend, largely I think because I needed to go into work yesterday so lost my usual Friday day off (which in reality is my shopping & housework day, so that I can have a free family weekend :wink: ).

Yesterday evening was all about getting children to and from different activities, football training, friends houses and so on, but that's pretty normal.......... friday is the children's night to be out and about, saturday is ours :D .

This morning was spent doing housework, laundry and raking up garden leaves etc, in preparation for a couple of viewings of the house this afternoon. Once they're over I really must go shopping, we have no food in the house :shock: Tonight hubby and I will be going out, only for a quiet drink I think, but nice to get out.

Tomorrow Seb's doing a journalism masterclass at University College London, so I'll be going up there with him, and I have no doubt at all that I can find some way of entertaining myself all day until he's done at 4pm, quite looking forward to it really 8) . Immi has to be at a Remembrance Day service at our local war memorial in her Air Cadets role (she's dedicated hours to polishing her shoes in preparation for the event today), so hubby's dropping her off at 10am, then has a refereeing fixture himself at 10:30, back to pick her up at 1pm, and more refereeing at 2pm. After all that there's the sunday evening usuals of ironing school uniform and polishing school shoes, but I think I might watch that ITV drama "My Boy Jack" while I tackle those tasks, I quite like the look of it :D

Then it's back to Monday, I really don't think weekends ever last quite long enough :roll:

I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever it is that you're all doing :D:D

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And - i have just found out today that one of the boys i teach is having his 10th birthday party there at the same time :shock::shock: so i am looking out my fake mustache and dark glasses... Do you think year 5 won't spot me? :?


I have to laugh - your'e worried about 10 year olds seeing you bowling? A couple of years ago our department went out to a local chinese buffet for our end of term do. I was having marital difficulties at the time (it may have been around the time I threw him out) and was up for a good drink. The table across the aisle from us was full of YEAR 10 GIRLS! Several of which were in my classes but....it didn't stop me downing 10 pints (well that's what I got charged for!!!)


Not one of the kids ever mentioned it.


I had a similar experience in a nightclub. I was bopping away when I heard 'Hello Mrs. Aldridge'.

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Just walked back in the door from seeing Joan Jett/Motorhead/Alice Cooper at the NEC 8) . Chuffed by the fact it only took 50 minutes on public transport to get from the NEC Arena to my door (must be getting old!) . I have wanted to see Motorhead for ages, just a pity it wasn't the most famous line up, and Joan Jett was brilliant, if a little rude :?


Tomorrow I will be up at 6ish and cleaning out the chooks, what a comedown :D

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I'm still recovering from the same concert! :D Boy was it LOUD!!!! (or am I just showing my age :? ). It was fantastic - Alice Cooper was amazing. Motorhead were, well, LOUD! :lol:


I must be showing my age too Snowy, I thought the sound for Joan Jett was spot on, never heard it so good at the NEC, then Lemmy cranked it up to distortion level and ruined it from where I was sitting. I could barely recognise 'Ace of Spades', thank goodness for 'Overkill' (I love Overkill!!!) I usually make my sandwiches to that :D:oops: . To be honest I am not an Alice fan at all, I don't like the theatrics of it all (I prefer to have my rock music thrown at me as Motorhead did), so it is wasted on me (apart from 'Poison', fab), but my friend loves Alice and Rocky Horror stuff.


Got to agree, Motorhead were LOUD, probably one of the loudest I have heard, apart from maybe the cannons in an AC/DC gig.


Were you seated or standing, Snowy?


Lesley, there was a bit of wind and rain earlier, but now it is nice and calm, and looks like the sun is trying to burn off the cloud. It could be a nice day! I will tackle the vacuuming before I clean the girls out (got neckache from headbanging :oops: ).

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Thank goodness it wasn't just me then Claire! It was so loud it did spoil it a bit, I couldn't make out any of the words - the music drowned out all of their voices! We were seated, right by the entrance at the back. Glad I wasn't any closer! It was all a bit lost on me I'm afraid, but it was son's 16th birthday present and he was well happy!! 8)

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