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OK what are you all doing THIS weekend

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Lets see what everone is up to the weekend.


Tonight is veg in front of the telly with the fire on night, might try and persuade Mum to come in the hot tub with me after James is in bed (he just splashes around too much in the dark). Friday was formerly take away night but now its a lighterlife veggie soup with a savoury drink mixed in and LOTS OF SALT. I only have salt in my evening soup (and I dont' always have evening soup, sometimes I go for hot choc instead) but I do so love it and my blood pressure has gone down LOADS since I started lighterlife.


Saturday we are taking James to a party which is about 30 mins away (yes they drive their daughter that far for a primary school). They live on a farm and the kids party is 3 till 5, I plan to leave James there and then go to Freeport at Braintree as we will be quite nearby. When we go back at 5 we will be staying on with James as they are having fireworks at 6pm but the wanted the parents back first so they are having an adult party for their freinds in the evening and have invited us all to stay. By 7pm James will be ready for bed so we will come home and then for me its glad rags on, pick up my friend and off to a housewarming for an ex colleague.


Sunday I'm hoping the weather will be fine for chook cleaning, a few garden tasks and run the mower round to pick up the leaves - I have one tree that has managed to drop ALL it's leaves this week - seriously last weekend there was not a leaf on the ground beneath it and this weekend you cant see the grass and the tree is bare.

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I'm planning to clean out the chooks first thing, and then OH has offered to keep an eye on the children whilst I paint the dining room :D


I find it so theraputic, and it's been driving me mad, we have the paint, and it's new plaster from the extension, so minimum preparation :D We moved back in mid June, and it's now November, so I think it's about time :lol:


Tonight is veg out night, before the mad dash to parties, dancing lessons and rugby, and Remembrance Parade on Sunday

plus OH has offered to make me a curry, and it would be very rude to refuse :lol::wink:


karen x

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What an action packed weekend you have Pengy!!


I think we'll be sitting down to a meal (although as it's friday I want "Fat Food Friday and a PIZZA :drool: ) as it seems I'm not off doing Salsa tonight


Tomorrow Joe has to work and I have to go to Wales to meet up with my friend who has recently split from her husband, pop into my mum's to get loads of paperwork I have to sort out for her, a stop off at a friends that I haven't seen in ages but met up again this week through Facebook then last stop to my favourite aunties house for a bite to eat - then got to drive home :D


Sunday will be a chill out day at home and clean out the laydees too, walk the dog and tinker about a bit more with "the Blip" as my little classic caravan has been called :D:D


Whats everyone else up to ?




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:lol: Go Chelsea!

Vegging night for me too! OH has just done a lovely curry so now I'm putting my feet up while he loads the dishwasher (threw a wobbly earlier as I do ALL the cooking, cleaning, housework etc. but on the one day I go out to work I do not expect to have to start cleaning up a full days mess at 8pm like last night! :evil: ) Tomorrow night DS1 and I are going to see Alice Cooper, Motorhead and Joan Jett at the NEC :dance:

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Er. Am just about to go on a walk in darkest Sussex countryside with a few other adults, some dogs and 35 odd teenagers! :shock:


Tomorrow - chill out day. Hubby and i may go to the cinema - any recommendations about whats on?


Sunday - church in the morning and a friends birthday do in the afternoon at the local-ish ten pin bowling centre. And - i have just found out today that one of the boys i teach is having his 10th birthday party there at the same time :shock::shock: so i am looking out my fake mustache and dark glasses... Do you think year 5 won't spot me? :?

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sat watching e bay auctions for foo fighters tickets. :roll:


Ooooh this reminds me, The Foo Fighters are the musical act on tonights

Jonathon Ross programme, BBC1, I don''t know who they are, but I

remembered there are some fans on here.




im already sky plussing it...but thanks Tessa! :D

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And - i have just found out today that one of the boys i teach is having his 10th birthday party there at the same time :shock::shock: so i am looking out my fake mustache and dark glasses... Do you think year 5 won't spot me? :?


I have to laugh - your'e worried about 10 year olds seeing you bowling? A couple of years ago our department went out to a local chinese buffet for our end of term do. I was having marital difficulties at the time (it may have been around the time I threw him out) and was up for a good drink. The table across the aisle from us was full of YEAR 10 GIRLS! Several of which were in my classes but....it didn't stop me downing 10 pints (well that's what I got charged for!!!)


Not one of the kids ever mentioned it.

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Hope it goes well Tessa :|


Well, I am REALLY looking forward to a weekend of staying at home with my two boys. We've been so busy recently, dashing here and there (we were in Braintree a couple of weekends ago Pengy - stayed at the new Purple Hotel. I did think abouot you and your hot tub!) I want to read the papers, potter about the garden and go a play in the park with our friends and their children.


We're also going to Grandma's for dinner on Sunday - yummy.

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Up early tomorrow, clean out the girls, tidy the house, then GOING CHICKEN SHOPPING! :D (Not sure if I have mentioned it :roll:) Hopefully AnnieP is coming with me. The company would be nice and she might stop me getting too many (but I doubt it) :wink:


Then home, light the fire before OH comes home and a nice snuggly evening.


Garden jobs etc on Sunday then off to Berlin with work in the evening :(

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Hairdresser in the morning at 9am :shock: why did I make it so early :?:roll:


Taking Jack into town afterwards to buy woodchips for the chicken run, he can lug the bags into the car boot :D Eglus and run reparing and cleaning in the afternoon.


DVD planned for the evening as I will be on my own. Jack is reccomending Anchorman. anyone watched it?


A big lie in on Sunday morning :D


Baking, cleaning and ironing to do.


Might have a go at making cheese if I have got time :shock::lol:


Sunday roast planned for the evening when OH and Natalie come home :D

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Hope it goes well Tessa :|


(we were in Braintree a couple of weekends ago Pengy - stayed at the new Purple Hotel. I did think abouot you and your hot tub!) .


Now you should have popped in with your swimmers! Or without - its unoverlooked but the chickens like to see whats going on!

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Nothing much this evening....... have just finished helping son fit a new shower - except the plumbing here is dire and it won't work as we want it to. Made Broccoli and Oxford Blue soup, with roast pumpkin and potato 'croutons'........


Tomorrow now involves a quick trip to the plumbers merchants to get a different shower, which wasn't planned :twisted: , and then over to the Domestic Fowl Trust for a few chickeny things and then on to sort out a wood burner.


AnnieW and her OH are coming to see us Sat. pm and will help us to despatch a few 'diiners'


Sunday - Remembrance Service at Church............ followed by some sort of 'mucking out'! always plenty of that to do :roll: - we'll be roasting a lamb joint as well.

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good to read what you are all up to. Mrcluck gets his hair off about our constantly busy weekends running the kids around from A to B and back again to Piano/kickboxing/windband/dancing etc.... Sunday is always a free day unless the Scouts have sprung it on us on Friday that it is a church Parade, attend or else.

However this weekend my mum is having the kids overnight for us on Saturday as James (mrcluck!) is in a band and they are supporting Paul Young (of 80's fame) Los Pacaminos. The bands myspace is http://www.myspace.com/midnightpilgrims. (Dont think I have done that right??) anyway I am going to watch and then plan to have a sunday morning in bed, which is usualy unheard of, then I am going to my mums for lunch and pick up the kids then home. Mrcluck out all day as the band are playing in a country music festival in Gloucester. [/url]

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Yes it is. I know that and you know that but scouts have not officaly let us know :lol: Joshuas scout group are hopeless at letting parents know what is going on. We get a letter home on the friday night at about 10pm when he gets in with a list of stuff for the weekend. It is sooo anoying :twisted: Josh wont be there as he is at his nannas in Chester so I am off the hook.

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I'll be heading off early in the morning just to check there hasn't been too much damage overnight.


I went down this morning and although there were quite a lot of boats that had been turned over and deposited all over the place, the damage was nothing like we had anticipated given the dire warnings.


The wind has dropped a lot so I'm hoping that all will be fine tomorrow.


So I think tomorrow morning might be a walk - inland!

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Sitting in front of the log burner now with Guns and Roses playing...just chilling, then tomorrow shopping with Gary and his dad. Then Saturday afternoon...Football!!! saturday is the best day of the week!!! We are at home in the FA cup so no voice when I get home!! Then we are meeting some friends whom we haven't seen for ages tomorrow night. But back to work on earlies sunday morning :cry: I love work really!! just not on Sunday mornings!!

Sharon x

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TONIGHT : Girls at Sea cadets until 10, so a relaxing evening of TV & garlicky prawns & spaghetti for Brian & I

Sky+ ing Jonathan Ross as usual - will drool over Dave Grohl tomorrow.


SATURDAY : Eldest daughter meeting a mate in Reading at midday, pick up when she phones me :roll:

Hoovering,dusting,washing of uniforms........

Launder towels too.

New Eglu arriving at 1pm!!!

Hopefully collecting some eggs (not had any for 2 days)

Shout at Cleo for leaving dirty clothes all over her floor.

Evening meal of Mediterranean burgers on ciabatta in front of The X-Factor.


SUNDAY: Cooked breakfast day,so black pudding all round.

Got to clean out the hens & arrange a partition for my new arrivals who we will be collecting in the afternoon. Its an hour & a half drive each way, so thats the afternoon gone :roll:

Moan at daughters to tidy rooms/do homework

3.30 - collect daughter from friends house

Clean bathroom

Strip sheets & launder

Re make beds

Got Ebay listings ending,so they need to be packed up ready for Mondays post.

Cook divine lancashire Hotpot for supper :D

Make sure new hens are tucked up tight for bed.....bless!


And the Husband wonders why I am worn out on a Monday morning :roll:

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I'm planting 1000 crocus bulbs! I'm chair of our new gardening club and the parish council gave us a small grant which we decided to spend on bulbs to plant around one of the two village signs. The lovely man at the garden centre then got us 1000 bulbs instead of the 500 we could afford and paid the difference himself! We can now plant around _both_ signs! Hopefully it won't just be me and my 3 fellow committee members who turn up to plant them!


Other than that. tomorrow someone is coming to collect a chicken ark we've sold on eBay and dh needs to mend the tongue and groove panelling in ds1's room where I had to crowbar it off today to rescue a starling that had fallen down the chimney (first time in 4 years that's happened - hope it's the last because the scrabbling noise was horrific!)


On Sunday we're off to a christening 2 1/2 hours away with some quite posh friends so am already worried my boys will behave badly!



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