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little chickadee

Advice on chickens with ridiculous hairstyles.

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I need a hen with a ridiculous hairstyle (to please my son!) but has to be able to be kept in with full sized hens so no bantams. He fell in love with a picture of a Polish, but I'm told they only come as a bantam. Anyone got any experience with "hairstyle" chickens

Silkies look nice, but I don't know anything about them (do they have to be kept under cover all the time?

likewise with Appenzellers, Araucanas, Houdan (how big are they?)

I mainly need to know about temperament, hardiness and noise levels!


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At the pub next door to us they have two appenzellers, one gold and one silver, very smart ladies they are too!!, if i could work out how to add piccys i could show you, :roll: i will say they were quite flighty when they first got them, spent a couple of evenings round there on round up dutys!!!, but ok now. they are both very chatty and loud for such small birds, they are in a mixed breed flock and hold their own quite well!

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I have a silkie (called...PUFFBALL!!! :lol: ) she is a bit noisy sometimes but is a very cute little lady. She's a bit timid but I don't think thats because of the breed. She has a funky hairstyle (see my display picture) and blue ears!

She doesn't need to be kept under a roof.


ummm thats about it really...

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I have a silkie and she is lovely, i did have three but two turned out to be cockerels so thye went to a new home a couple of weeks ago. i did have two polands but unfortunately i lost both of them. they do have a lovely character, they are really cheaky and can be kept with bigger girls. their hardoo is fantastic but unfortunately it means they cant see foxes coming :cry: . i also have three cream legbars and they are nice and calm but are 39 weeks and still no eggs!!! :shock:

all of the above are great with toddlers.

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I have three crested girls. This is Rosie - an araucana x light sussex:


Ruby is an araucana x leghorn:


And Bambi is a legbar x with something else!


Were quite nervous at first, but all getting very friendly now as they come into lay (should all lay blue eggs, but only Ruby has produced so far). They are all a good size, a fraction bigger than the gingernuts/pepperpots.

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