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do you want a real cook book?

Would you lik to see a Omlet/BHWT cook book?  

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  1. 1. Would you lik to see a Omlet/BHWT cook book?

    • It would be good but I wouldnt buy one
    • I would not be interested at all
    • Yes I would buy one
    • I would buy more than one as gifts for people

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I have just been reading the threads about having a cook book and I understand you have an online one, but no printed book has been arranges at the moment?


I used to work in publishing and my partner is an Art Director for a graphic design agency. If people are interested we may be able to design and put to gether a recipe book made up of eglu owners own recipes. With the money made just covering cost of printing and the rest going to the BHWT. If we put the omlet name on it I would have to ask the omlet people if thats okay, and then people can submit me there recipes.


How does that sound as an idea, would you be interested?

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Right I have sent round some emails so hope to hear some news soon.


In the mean time I have added a poll to gauge how many people would be willing to purchase copies. It may be that due to me having to pay an initial print cost that it has to initially be done on a pre-order basis and then a print run done for that number, but I will have to see what I can do.

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I would be interested to know why those who would not be interested why they feel that way, in case its something that could be addressed, if they felt their was anything wrong with it, that it should include, should not include etc. If you dont want to make yourslef known on a public forum please feel free to PM me. Im very much open to ideas and suggestions.

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All good ideas people!


I was thinking about getting everyone to send in pictures too which can be added to illustrate throughout. Food photography is very tricky as its not a case of photographing the actaully food as lots of tricks are used to make it look more appetising, and not the sort fo thing just done at home on a camera. so perhaps people could send photos or their girls, their eglus, their family with chickens, like kids cuddling chickens, or early morning egg collections, egg dances, and even pictures drawn of chickens by your kids!

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