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Tired & Disappointed

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Well, I did my first craft fair last night. :( It was late night shopping in our village and they always have a few stalls on the car park. I am exhausted today, worked until 5pm yesterday then spent 3 hours stood in a cold, windy car park with the stall. And I only sold 2 bags :( I feel so fed up today :? Oh well, I think the other stall holders felt the same though, there were a lot of people out, but not many buying, unless it was tombola or raffle tickets. I also took a huge teddy with me and did a 'Guess the name of the bear' for 50p - proceeds for BHWT. That did quite well so am pleased about that. Also managed to sell a few baby toys for BHWT. AND the photographer from the Harborough Mail took the Bears picture with a couple of children and asked about BHWT - so hopefully there will be some publicity! :dance: So it was worth it after all :D:roll: Never mind, maybe I'll give it another go at a 'proper' craft fair before I give up! :lol::wink:

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Just looked at your link and there very nice bags 8)


How much was the one at the bottom that says sold on the link ?


What sort of time per bag do they take to make , im really interested in crafts ect

They'd sell really well down the KINGS ROAD in Chelsea IMO or an arts and crafts type of shop , really lovely :D

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Thank you all! I get disheartened very easily if you haven't already guessed, good to come on here for some good feedback! You are lovely :lol: You are right, I think it was the wrong time and place, one lady said she wanted a bag and proceeded to give me 40p for it and was most disgusted when i told her it was actually £10! It took me 4 hours to make! 40p! And I felt guilty! Oh dear, :lol: Never mind, I only make them because I enjoy it, if they sell it's a bonus :lol: Will give ebay a try. And I have got several orders for bags in different colourways so not all negative. You are all so lovely, what would I do without you. Oh dear, too much vino, going to bed now ....

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I have said it before & I will say it again.

Your bags are divine & you should sell them on eBay.

Do them on a fixed price basis.........they will go like hot cakes 8)


I agree!!


The Chicken bag that I "won" in the BHWT auction always causes a stir!


I have been stopped twice and asked about it.


If you had some business cards that I could give out....... :lol:


40p!! :shock: I can't get my breath.

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Oh dear Snowy, sorry to hear you had a bad time of it. Stick to ebay and build up your website (good idea of Witchhazels to advertise on other forums too, INEBG perhaps?) your bags are lovely :wink:


A few years ago a friend and I did a stall at Bewdley market at the beginning of December. We got there for 7.30am and at the end of the day had about £2 each in profit :shock: as well as cold hands and feet :roll: You are right, people want something for nothing, probably why freecycle works!


40p for a bag! The bloomin' cotton costs more than that, cheeky wotsit :evil:

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