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X Factor..............The Final

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Layla wanted to vote for Same Difference last night (we let her have a couple of votes near the end of the comp) but we could not get through so we knew they would be OK - so she voted for Rhydian instead.


I am not sure about Leon, I think he is good but a bit young to do what he does if you see what I mean.


Shame that Niki went out - most people do seem disappear if they don't win. Anyone seen anything of Ben from last year recently?


I want Rhydian to win but I think it might be SD in the end.

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...that was him this morning, before he got up and made me breakfast in bed :wink::lol:


cheeky! I do think he's tasty (that pic is lush), and Lovely Ben from last year was preteh too ~sigh~

*shakes self* cough cough back on topic I kinda want the Rhydd to win as it would be such a daft result. SD make my flesh crawl and Cut-Price Reece Wetherspoon blubbing last night didnt make me like her any more. I can't abide the whole Swing genre so Leon leaves me cold and what was going on with that last song he sang last night?

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