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Grrrrrr! Snoring!!

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Now I love my OH dearly (mostly :wink: ) and I love my dawg dearly (nearly mostly :lol: ) but I'm here trying to do Christmas stuff, OH has fallen asleep in his chair and is snoring fit to raise the roof, now the dog has joined in and she's the only thing I've ever heard that's louder than the OH! :evil:

Oh well, I'm off to bed, going to leave them both down here to their synchronised snoring! :lol::lol:


Mrs Bertie

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OH is a snorer (although he insists he does not snore), he can snore very loudly when he has had a drink or two. A carefully aimed jab in the ribs with my elbow usually shuts him up :wink:


Scooby our CKS snores incredibly loud :shock:


Oh, and I am a snorer too :oops: Sometimes I snort :lol: and wake myself up :lol:

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I don't think that I snore, just wheeze a lot generally :lol:


Joe doesn't snore so that leaves one other in this house.....




Not only that, she also has a lovely loud burp after eating her supper, the other night we'd gone up to bed but Molly went back down to the kitchen to finish her supper (complete with her nametag pinging on the side of the bowl :lol:)


She came charging up the stairs afterwards and just as she got in the bedroom let out one almighty belch :shock:

I had to burst out laughing it was so loud and she just got in her bed :D

Such a lady that dog :roll:




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Rosie talks in her sleep.


Both my boys talk in their sleep. Sometimes in English and sometines in what sounds like Africaans!


They both used to sleep walk too. The younger one still does now and then.


One one memorable occasion we heard him moving about and going downstairs. Him Indoors got up to investigate and found him weeing in the fridge. :shock::roll::lol:


He never has any recollection of there little excursions.

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Ha! My friends hubby does that when he's had a skinful - so far, he's weed in the video machine, the fridge, the laundry basket and in a pot plant!!!! She leaves the bathroom light on and sleeps lightly when he's been out drinking!


Rosie doesn't sleepwalk, thankfully, but she does thrash about a bit - last time she shared my bed, I went to work one morning with a fat lip!

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:lol::lol: These have made me laugh!

We are all a family of snorers - good job we all sleep well! :lol:

If OH is snoring really badly and I can't sleep (not often) I hold his nose and he leaps up wondering whats happening :twisted: I get the giggles every time I do that and he goes mad! No sense of humour at all. :roll:

If he falls asleep watching a film he snores so loudly that we have to keep turning the volume up to compete. DS1 and I then have a competition throwing things at him until he leaps up wondering whats happening, and then try not to let on but get the giggles again :roll: (poor OH :oops: )

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Chookiehubbie is a snorer, and night wanderer. He's frequently woken me up in the middle of the night, as he wanders off out for a midnight meander. The boys chat in their sleep, most nights, although Owen has started singing football songs instead of mumbling about robots. Tigger parps and snores.


It's a wonder I manage to get any sleep at all!!

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Millie our Staffie snores when she is awake :roll:

She sort of rests her head on the edge of her bed & snoozes with her eyes open,snoring louder & louder until she falls asleep.


Had to kick The Hubby 3 times last night for snoring.

then, as I have been up since 4am with a cold,I went back to bed after they had all gone off to school & work,dropped off & woke myself up with my own congested snoring :roll::lol:

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