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Grrrr...frozen solid again!

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This is the 3rd morning in a row I've had to bring all the drinkers into the kitchen - the outside tap is frozen too :evil: My garden is white with a thick blanket of frost, as if it's been snowing, which is very pretty but it's sooooo cooold and not to be out of the 'minuses' till Friday :shock: . I really need to jet wash the pink eglu too as the ducks are so stinky (their poo smells of fish :? ,why is that? :lol: ) Sorry, moan over, I should be grateful it's not wet and windy!

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It has been frosty here since Sunday. It does look very pretty :D


I have been defrosting the glugs with a kettle of hot water in the mornings. The chickens seem to like a warm drink in the morning.


Since Sunday I have used one a half bottles of de-icer on the car windowscreen. I really must remember to put some some antifreezing screen wash in the car windowscreen washer bottle as that has been frozen since Sunday as well.

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Yes, here too. the sun has been low, but there all the same.


It's going cold again now. I've just been and raided Darren's wardrobe for a jumper that will fit over my bump as non of mine fit anymore. the heating is on too and it's still cold. Bbbrrrrrrrrr.


Definitely getting the fire going tonight.

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