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Help - where do I start!?!?!

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Oh dear! A busy work schedule and hectic social life* has meant I have not been able to log on for ages :(


Now the forum looks like an airday display what with all those red arrows flagging up the unread postings :shock: I don't even know where to start. I am obviously never going to be able to catch up on over 2 months' postings so I'll just have to s"Ooops, word censored!" them and start anew.


Very sorry to have missed the meet-up at Kew - I had really hoped to be able to make it - maybe next time.


A big Hello to all the new faces that have appeared during my absence. I see some of you have already clocked up a shocking number of posting in a very short space of time which means you'll fit in well here :wink:


So what's new with me? Well after 17 years the OH finally popped the big Q on Christmas day and the plan is on for an autumn do. The news has led to a sudden healthy eating plan and a bit of exercise and I'm now over a stone lighter than I was at Christmas :D It's a very sensible plan and I am very confident that I'm on the road to permenant reduction :roll:


The all important Mavis and Edna are doing just fine. Edna was laying between 2 - 3 a week until about two weeks before christmas. She started again last week and we've had an egg every single day since. :D Mavis still hasn't laid at all :( but her wattles have gone much redder and juicier than ever before so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for full production rates soon. (She's beautiful but I still want her eggs!)


Hope everyone is well.


* My social life isn't actually that hectic but it sounds better than saying that I've been faffing around with stuff that I can't even remember doing!

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It's so nice to read a good old posting!


Congratulations on the wedding news Red - how exciting!

and it's always good to hear success stories of weight-loss. I'm hoping my weight gain won't be much over three stone ( :shock:) after I have had this baby, but I am loosing sight of my goals as each cake goes down the hatch :? I know who to come to for inspiration when I'm feeling hopeless.


Glad the girls are good and healthy. Will you get bridesmaids dresses to fit them :wink::lol:

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Hello Red,


My Summary of the last 2 months is:

I turned up :D

chocolate, wine, celebrity bashing, chocolate, cake, pants and of course chickens.

There is another meet-up in June.

Grd has been misbehaving.

We've been helping Murdo decide what colour peanut feeder to buy :twisted:


Congratulations, 17 years is a long time :D


p.s. just noticed I said chocolate twice :oops:

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Thanks for all the replies people - Gina I'm pleased to see you're doing well and eating cake for baby and you :wink: I had wondered how you were doing. As for chicken bridesmaids ... I'm off to surf for outfits ...




Actually so far as the saying goes "something old, something new, etc." ... I had wondered if a nice cream legbar egg would do the trick for "something blue" :wink:

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Great news all round, iam very :mrgreen: about your weight loss, clever you :!: on the wedding front, chickens and gowns don't mix. Make sure you don't feel the need to see them on the way to your service. Picture glorious dress and shoes all poopy (not a good look ) :lol:

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Congratulations Red! We got married summer before last after 15 years living together!


It was really good actually, as we were 'mature' enough to organise the event just how we wanted it, and it was a really special & different wedding. We got caterers in to cook & serve some really lovely food in our own home, for 40 of our closest friends & relatives. And luckily it was pre-chickens so the garden still looked both tidy & bountiful!!

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Congratulations Red :D:D


The boyf and I have been living together for over 9 years now, and despite two children (and two chickens! GNRPP ) there's no sign of any wedding planning on his part. I thought this was a bit slack, but looks like I might be waiting a few more years yet :roll:



Cookie. xx


PS. I'm one of the newbies whose 'average daily posting' number is scarily high :oops: Suspected I might get addicted to chickens, but didn't know that this forum would be so enticing too....

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I'm off to look now Lesley - I found a dog related thread and was getting the impression you are selling up and getting a farm? If so, that sounds great! :D I'd like a smallholding and a dog (dog of choice would be a wire haired fox terrier) unfortunately the field behind our house has now been sold to a farmer and he isn't interested in selling any if it to us otherwise that would have been great - room for a BIG veg garden, hen development, workshop and lots more.


Am off to check out your news ... enviously I fear ...

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