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Hi Everyone


I haven't disappeared (or run off with Pierce Brosnan :wink::wink:). Life and health took over a bit :wall::wall::wall: I've missed you all sooooooo much :(:(


The Builders did leave and I thought it would be nice to finish off the rest of the house as it all looked a bit shabby after the brilliant job the builders did. Took a bit longer than anticipated and for a quiet while no internet as my office area was moved and all the cabling had to be sorted but it all looks good now.


Then I thought I would completely revamp the back garden (still a work in progress - hope to finish soon if it would just stop raining for a day or two :roll::roll: Yes I will post pictures when its all done although I'm on a new computer (Mac) as my old one when puff in a big cloud of smoke and I haven't worked out yet how to upload photos to this comp yet.


My health has suffered a bit lately - just briefly as I will post about this separately as I need some of the omlet forum wisdom :D:D:D . I caught the human form of parvovirus 4 1/2 years ago and thought I had the long term side effects I have been left with under control, but sadly not.


I'm going to email Johannes to see if I can run a hen party - would quite like to go to one first to see how it's done -

any spaces Christian I think you are my closest :D:D:?: Could have done with your knowledge the other day Christian as I was forced to spend 4 hours in Guildford shopping and I thought I know just the person who would know where to go :wink:


Gina - I see congrats are in order :D:D:D How lovely another little scrummy omleteer to cuddle.


Clare - Charlie says hi to Rosie and hopes to catch up with her next time at Jimmy's


Paola - only a few more troll beads purchased :oops::oops::oops:


Now I'm off to deal with the red arrows............so many, don't know where to start..............except with a cuppa and a choccie biccie :wink::wink:

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Hiya Pam,


Glad to see you back again. Am sorry to hear about your bad health, but what is parvovirus? I've never heard of it before.


Glad you're now well enough to be back on the forum and that the builders have gone away and left you with a pretty house!!!


Best wishes,



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Ar, Pam, it's so nice to hear from you. Quite bizarrly I was only thinking about you recently and wondering what had happened. I'm glad to hear you are (sort of) in the land of the living in all respects, and I'm sorry to hear of your awful illness. I hope you get some good results and keep on top of it soon.


How's Charlie? Has she got her room sorted now into the palace she was yearning for last summer?


And how are the hens?


I'm not sure we will make the annual trip to Jimmy's this year as I will be about to give birth so it might be a struggle, but I'd be very interested in a hen party if it's over the summer. Will give me some practise at travelling with two babies, and of course get some help from my forum aunties as I'm sure to fall to pieces again. Gosh, listen to me inviting myself along.. :oops::oops:


Lovely to see you again. I'm not here so regularly myself these days, but keep in touch!

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Hi Gina, Buffs, Liz and Karen :D:D:D


Cuppa at the ready and red arrows slowly disappearing :roll::roll:


Gina - Charlie's as lovely as ever - her room looks lovely after a revamp but it's still not as big as the tardis :roll::roll: No need to worry about inviting yourself - all welcome. May try to organise a South Coast get together for the summer


Hi Buffs - just seen the post about Jimmy's - we should hopefully be there


Liz - may need to order another keyring from you. Can't find the shed key anywhere and it was attached to one of your lovely keyrings. Have managed though to break into the shed :shock:

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Pam its so good to see you back! :dance:


We have missed you :D


Im so glad the builders have gone, i bet the house feels empty now doesnt it? :lol:


Im sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell but you have come to the right place for tea, sympathy, a listening ear and cyber love and hugs :D


Cant wait to see the pictures of the house and garden - you need to check out the 'Who lives in a house like this?' thread! :wink:

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Hi Pam


Nice to see you back :D


I was reading some old topics the other day and one of them reminded me of you


Sorry you are feeling unwell, I hope you feel better soon


Hope the chooks are okay

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Hi Paola...............yes you must try harder :wink::wink:


I'm going to have to start on a necklace soon if I want to buy anymore. Charlie has just chirped up that she needs some more for her bracelet..........it's her birthday in 4 weeks so if she's very good :D:D:D


That has come round again really fast :shock: Did it not start this time last year?

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