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Heathrow problems

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There's already a huge amount of speculation already on the cause according to the flying-related forums.


What I found odd when watching BBC News 24 earlier was the way the newscasters seemed to trying to sensationalise it (as if it needs any more sensationalising!). They were speaking to a couple of passengers from that flight & saying things like 'you must have been terrified'. When the passenger replied 'No, we had no idea anything was wrong until we had a rather hard landing' (understatement!) the newsreader seemed irratated, especially when the next person said virtually the same thing!


Whatever it was must have occured at the very last minute as it doesn't sound like there was an announcement to the passengers to brace.


Well done to the crew though on proving they can evacuate quickly under such circumstances.

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i was on my way back from Newcastle when we were told that a plane had 'crash landed' at Heathrow. They closed both runways, whilst they were dealing with it.


As all the fire and emergency services were attending the crash, they couldn't allow other planes to land!


We circled for 30 mins and were one of the first flights to land after the incident.


Thankfully no one was seriously injured!


I agree with your Faberge. The Sky News reporter was really trying to sensationalize the incident, by asking leading questions! Glad the passenger was calm about it all.


if I hear anymore 'insider' news I will update you all! :wink:

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I was wondering whereabouts you were Christian!


Glad all was well - although I expect it's chaos for some as they diverted quite a few flights, the problems that causes when you get dropped off at Gatwick and your car's still at Heathrow!........... and then the luggage is sent on the Heathrow....... but not the passengers! (that happened to my son at Luton - diverted to Stansted - luggage to Luton :roll: )

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I was due to be flying out to Munich last night and got to the airport to find out flight was cancelled (fair enough, they DO have their hands full!). Took a drive around the perimeter fence and saw the plane and the emergency crews trying to sort everything out.


Looks a mess and how no one was seriously hurt, well, speechless. Think the crew all deserve a huge pat on the back, a stiff drink, and a fair few days off.

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