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Eglu arrived, got chickens!!!!

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My expected delivery date was tomorrow, but my Eglu arrived today! Being very impatient I got in touch with the local chicken man recommended by Omlet and gave him a visit. He was really friendly, very knowledgable and let me and my two young children have a good look at his chickens and answered all of our questions. I was chosen by a lovely ginger chicken who is a Welsummer, she settled into the crook of my elbow straight away and was lovely. The second one was chosen by my youngest son, a black Wyandotte who is SO fluffy! Both were very tolerant of being handled and stroked by us all and they went into our cat box nicely.


Our ginger Welsummer is called Doris, and our black Wyandotte is called Dora.


We got them home OK and they didn't make a sound. We put them into the Eglu run and DH got home to take a look. As soon as he arrived Dora decided she'd give us a welcome song and started to make a sound like,


"bok bok gwAAAAARRP!"


VERY loudly, and very repetetive too! DH was a bit concerned because he worries what the neighbours might think. She did settle once we encouraged her into the Eglu though, so we'll see how she is in the morning.


Just wanted to say how excited I was at getting the Eglu and our chooks. I have spent the best part of this evening reading everything on this site and have chicken brain overload now!


Looking forward to getting to know you all and hearing about your chicken stories.


(green eglu):dance:

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Hello pleased to meet you.


I got my chickens and eglu 8 days ago, and I can safely say that the last 8 days have been fantastic (and a very steep learning curve!)


Thank heavens for this forum though- its so reassuring, and I absolutely love seeing pics of other peoples chickens and runs.


I'll get organised and put on some of my own one day!


Hope your girls have a good first night...

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Hi Pinkybijou,


Congratulations on your new arrivals.


You don't say how old your new girls are? My lot do at bit of "bok, bok" noisyness for a few minutes to proudly announce they've laid an egg (or are about to). Or, just like children, to get my attention to be let out of the run or if they've seen an intruder cat in the garden.


I'm sure yours will settle down to their new home soon.

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Welcome to the forum Pinkybijou :D . What a lovely description of your first day :D . I love it that you were "chosen" by Doris :lol:. Be prepared for your life and brain to be turned totally chicken - first by the chickens and then by this forum :roll: .


i think it is probably because most people are bonkers myself included :lol: .


Oi! Who are you calling bonkers? We're all perfectly sane, if you don't mind :liar::lol: .

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