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Laura & CTB

Have you had a good day?

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Hi All


Long time no write :oops: but I've had some personal "stuff" to deal with - now not so much back on track but on a different railway line :wink:


I just want to share my fab day - day off work so a lie in until 10am, made CTB a madras curry from scratch and it tasted delicious ( no big deal you say but I am not a chef!). Spent the afternoon in the garden with the chooks and in the evening lit the chimnea ( and the patio heater - well it was b****y cold), heated some mulled wine on the chimnea and sat and watched the stars come out. I've just spent half an hour in the hot tub and later am going to watch the second half of "South Pacific" dvd that CTB bought me ( the only film I've ever seen that has an intermission :shock: ) after I've caught up with all these red arrows!! Oh and welcome to all the new folks that have joined recently.


So it's all simple pleasures here :lol:


How has everyone elses day been??? :lol:

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You seem to have had the kind of day I would have loved especially the hot tub! Work and the usual food to do when come home and clean the paths with the snow. Let the cats out and then in again as too cold and snowy and wet for them outside - they are funny. Sitting down to go over the forum red arrows and then chill out in front of the tele for half an hour or so before I get going with the housework!.


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