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Help. I have washed a black sock with my white bed linen

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I have used colour run many times and it works...........Emily's school uniform is red and her brother would hate to have pink undies so I always keep it in the cupboard........... :roll:


I am not sure if Colour Catcher works after the event I think it is just to add to a mixed wash to stop things getting dyed............ :?

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Ill have to give napisan a go. I used to use it on seths Tots Bots. [so cute]


I never thought to use it on my sheets etc


I usually add about 2 tbspns to the other laundry liquid when doing a white wash. I also used to use it for soaking Rosie's pants when she was potty training, and it's also good for boiling up things that need to be really clean like face clothes.

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