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FREE Ariel shower timer & many more!

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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou :D


Jack spends ages in the shower, this morning it was 55 minutes :shock: I usually give him 10 minutes and then bang on the bathroom door and threaten to enter the bathroom if the shower is not turned off. this morning I was busy in the garden and didn't realise he was still in the shower.


I have filled the form out in his name so he will be receiving a surprise parcel in the post 8):lol:

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I have never understood why anyone spends more than 3 minutes in the shower :shock:


We have compulsory showers at work and some of the areas have a three minute timer on them where you HAVE to stay in for that long I find myself staring at the flowing water thinking I am fed up now please switch off :lol:

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My daughter is TERRIBLE in the shower. She has long curly hair and can easily spend 30 mins in there if we don't put a timer on. She also manages to flood the bathroom floor, because she forgets stuff, then opens the shower door while leaving the shower pointing outwards - every single time even though we talk about it all the time. It's a good job we love her :lol:

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