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Martin B

Garden Plan

Which posistion for the bark area?  

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  1. 1. Which posistion for the bark area?

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Hia I've been staring at my garden for some time and have planned some adjustments.

Below is a picture of my garden.




The shaded brown areas are the places I want to put a bark chip area for the chooks! The one labeled A is where I preferably want the bark chip area to go! B is second choice anyway!

I've labeled my composter with a big, fat arrow (this is where chook poop will be going). The little arrow labels the storage hut (aka the shed)!

Tell me what you think and suggestions please!


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:D Just had another look ..... :oops: sorry, definately "B" and the back of the eglu near to the composter .... just scoop the poop, and literally "drop" ... perfect positioning. And as Annie said .... you can see the chooks from upstairs (assuming an ariel veiw) and it does not divide the garden too much .... I think it will look BIGGER and LONGER :P .
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Building the bark area is dead easy. I'm sure you and Sean could do it. It took me and my daughters about 2 hours and we thoroughly enjoyed it! DD2 (year 9) wanted to do another one, she enjoyed it so much! :D

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Its B for me Martin.

I would bark the whole lot, including the flower bed,right up to the path ,leaving a gap to get into the shed.

That way you can move the Eglu evey week or so,keeping nice fresh bark for the hens :D

It looks like you could get 3 Eglu shifts across into that area :P

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It's B for me too Martin. But I would move it over to the wall on the left with the eglu at the compost bin end. You will be able to see your chooks at all times and see into the eglu. Less chance of leaving it open inadvertently. Poo tray will also be near the bin for convenience (no pun intended). :D:wink:

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I voted for B too Martin, although I do think it woul dbe better moved next to the wall to give your chooks a bit of protection in the bad weather and some security. Having the wood chips ontop the the soil will also give the chicks a tasty meal when wormies come up in the rain!


It will also leave more grass area :D

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