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What was No. 1 on the day that you were born?

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Another wonderful distraction from whatever I am supposed to be doing just now:




This site also has sound but I don't know what it is. (I have turned my computer speakers off because some of the noises my computer makes to accompany some actions makes my dog jump up and run out of the room barking.)

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You ladies crack me up - sheet music!


I already know mine - it's Tiger Feet by Mud. Everytime it gets played during the obligatory "cheesy half-hour" of a dinner/dance (normally followed by the Grease medley and YMCA) I go round telling everyone. Sad anorak that I am. :oops: It was the UK's biggest selling single of that year (doesn't really say much for the music of that era! :? ). At least everyone knows it though.


Nothing quite like a bit of novelty Glam Rock to get everyone on the dancefloor.

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