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Which will come first?

Which will come first?  

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  1. 1. Which will come first?

    • Martin's Eglu
    • Gina's Baby

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I do know what you're all talking about with sweeps I promise, but I do keep having this rather alarming picture of the sweepers in a curling match, frantically sweeping the ice as the curling stone follows rapidly behind :shock: .

Gina, I do hope that the sweep works, it's normally very effective.

Have a good day :D

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I had my sweep on Monday 15 - Midwife said she would be able to tell whether it would work - she said I wasn't at all ready, cervix not ripe. :roll:


I'm now booked in to be induced on Monday 22. THis is where they give you a gel with hormone in it then after a few attempts at that they give you a drip with the hormone in it. I am not looking foward to that as I've heard that instead of a gradual build it brings contractions full on. :shock:


Hopefully baby will come before this. I had such beautiful natural births with our two girls it seems unfair to be put through this waiting game. My greatest fear is caesarian.


Like you Gina I have a bit of pelvic pain - I reckon he has a big head - feels like my pelvis is the mortar and his head is the pestle and it keeps grinding. Still he does move his arms and legs an awful lot so he's good company. :D In fact one comfort is that I have him all to myself at the moment.


I love Dick Van Dyke -'never need a reason never need a rhyme step to the music step in time'

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Diana, please don't worry about having a c section - I had to have one and it was a doddle 8)


It wasn't for me! But having talked to others I think this was because I didn't know anything about the after-effects (so I was really shocked about the pain and walking being so difficult) and I had been in labour for 36 hours.


Because you have other children Diana I would recommend avoiding a CS if you can. Unless you will have someone at home to help you. You are not allowed to drive for 6 weeks and walking distances can slow down your recovery.


I'm not meaning to frighten you! If you do need one, make sure you know what to expect afterwards and get some help organised. My friend has had 4 CSections and after this last one, the other mothers in the playground organised a rota of 'meals-on-wheels' for her so that she didn't have to cook anything for 2 weeks! What wonderful friends!

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Diana and Gina, just to make you feel really bad, I had a sweep with both my boys, and still ended up being induced!


This is apparently because my body doesnt make enough of the hormones that bring labour on though, so don't be to worried! :shock:


Induction is not too bad. You get a dose of gel up behind the cervix, and can have it 3 times in 24 hours. Then you have to wait 24 hours and go round again. Because you are both overdue, you will probably find one sniff of Prostaglandin and away you'll go! :D


Diana, it does bring things on much quicker, but if I tell you I had 8 hours labour with Samuel and Entonox and Pethidine (pointless, don't bother, just sent me to sleep in between contractions), and 5 hours with Ethan on just Entonox, that might help. This is complete labour, from first pains to delivery.


Remember to breathe through the pains building and keep on your feet as much as you can. They will want to monitor you for a while, but theres no reason why you can't be up and about most of the time. 8)


Oh, and by the way, both of you - GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES AND SCRUB THE KITCHEN FLOOR! :shock: Especially you Gina, if you've got low abdominal pain - it will help to get the baby in position. This is how I went in to labour with Lauren (best not to talk about that one though - I was labouring for 3 days!)



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Not wanting to speak for Diana - but she's a bit of a veteran at giving birth, so I expect she's very well prepared for any eventuality.


Helen, I'll pass on the scrubbing thanks and stick to my antenatal yoga :wink:

Asked in the nicest possible way, without wanting to cause offence


I'd really like it if this thread doesn't end up being like an agony aunt coloumn, espeically for me, (and even more so when it starts off...I'm not meaning to frighten you... :shock: .) as much as your advice is well intentioned and appreciated and welcomed.


Just wanted it to be a bit of fun really. I've got advice coming out of my ears!! Really no offence meant here girls. :)

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Having a bath sounds lovely and you can get a great deal of satifaction from knowing that in your condition you won't need so much water to fill it :lol:



My waters broke at 6am when I had been woken by my Smokey cat making the howling noise he used to make when bring me in a 'present' :(


So I heaved myself out of bed to find him and a frog in the bathroom. Having dropped the frog he scarpered and I knelt down to try to rescue the frog and that was that.


I went and woke hubby up and told him he had to go and rescue the frog, he was not happy as he doesn't like picking up frogs or toads at which point I also told him that my waters had broks and he soon perked up after that :lol:

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awww...that's a nice story Thalia!


I have to admit I'm scared of frogs :roll: We'd not been in our house long, when I came home and found a huge froggy/toady thing sat on the door mat right outside the front door.


I hadn't met the new neighbours properly, so felt a bit of a wimp having to go round and ask if they could remove the frog. Turns out they've got a pond in the back garden and they breed like wild fire. The cat is always sniffing round there and I dread the day when I find one in the hallway..... :?

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