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Feeling very low

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Hi Everyone. Having a nightmare week. I know you lot will be able to cheer me up.


Thought yesterday that the end had come for my old lovely dog, Rags. She has been off her food for about a week, really low and not wanting to move. Then for the last couple of nights we have woken up and found her lying in a puddle and we feared the worst, that her kidneys were failing. Got a vets appointment for yesterday evening, and it thankfully now it looks like slightly more hopeful news:


She's not eating because she has an abscess. :oops: Course of antibiotics and an injection.....


Because she hasn't been eating, she hasn't been getting her arthritis pills down: Hence the stiffness and lack of willingness to do anything (Ask Mel what she's like: For an old dog, she is usually still so up for it).

So, another injection and a different course of treatment (weekly injections), alongside her current medication....


Finally the, erm...., embarrassing lack of bladder control..... doggy syrup to "tighten things up a bit". :lol:


Poor old Rags has a reprieve.... Got to go back next Tuesday for a full update on all the treatments.


In the meantime, OH and I are exhausted! Its been so emotionally tiring, thinking we were having to do "the deed", then the relief of maybe not...


:D Still, things are on the up now hopefully! Aren't vets wonderful people?

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Annie, what a worrying week for you and Jonnie, and poor old Rags. Great news though that the vet can help, hopefully after her antibiotics and other medications she'll be back to her usual self.

Good luck with administering all that medication though... will she take it all willingly or is it down to hiding it into her food?

Here's hoping she makes a full and speedy recovery.

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What a week Annie :(


Hope Rags is over the worst and gets back to her old self very soon


Have a little look at Mels coffee table book when you have 5 minutes it really cheers you up


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Hi Annie

Just got your PM

I am SO sorry - lots of cyber hugs are coming your / Jonnie's way.

Blue and Charlie sends lots of licks and tail wags to Raggs!

What a dreadful week - and so stressful - all the up and downs of worry, relief, worry and so it goes on.

Lots of positive thoughts for you

Do you want to borrow Blue for a cuddle :)

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Do you want to borrow Blue for a cuddle :)


Oh yes please! Can't squeeze Rags too hard for fear of what squirts out :lol::shock:


Kate: Yep, she is a nightmare to feed pills to... the only way she eats them is if they are balled up inside raw organic extra lean minced beef..... :roll:

I think she has us right where she wants us.....

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One and all. THANK YOU for all your kind words. I am sure Rags would be very pleased if she could read, or hear me when I'm reading your messages out to her, but as she is stone deaf and a bit senile, she'll just wag her tail at you all anyway :lol:



I've popped Blue in tonight's post - she should be with you tomorrow :D


Jonnie is doing a little dance. He said that if WE had Blue, HE'D make her a little window seat................... :wink:

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