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Mel (& Paul)

ummm.....has anyone seen my............

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I know


I know


I said "no more chickens" until next year (but you will recall that I did not mention bantums!!!)


:wink: They were in the local paper with a wooden ark and run - the whole lot for £45!!! :D


They are very sweet - but incredibly shy so we have stuck them near the back door so they get used to us walking past and talking to them. Then we'll move them to the back garden close to (but not with) the girls.


We've had one egg so far (completely round and weighing 25g!!!!). (& Paul) had been threatening to divorce me because I kept on giving the chook eggs away / selling them and there were never any for his supper!!). Now with the bantums he could have 7 or eight eggs with his supper......!


The only difficulty now is NAMES????!!!! (Of course (& Paul) says they can only be known as the new new newbies...........


We thought we might name them Maisie and Eliza, after our neighbour's girls - they are just about to move and Maisie and Eliza (the girls not the bantums) love our chickens and dogs so much that they want us to bring them over to their new house............. :lol:

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How lovely :D


I think for an ark and banties at that price it would have been rude not to buy them :wink:


karen x

I agree! Fancy saying he would divorce you over having no eggs for supper, surely it's the chicken keeping that is the best bit :shock:

I think you need to come up with names, his are a bit rubbish :oops::lol:

(and hard to spell )

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The trick is agree with he who must be obeyed (yeah, right......... :wink: .) that you dont want or need any more chickens. :)


dont mention bantums


then take him to someone who has LOVELY bantums (thanks ClareT!!) :D and let him fall in love with them 8) (the bantums, not ClareT :roll: )


then find some one who is selling them and do the "eye" thing - you know

then let him think that it was all his idea :idea::wink:


simple :D (well, he is, but I still love him!!) :D

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Hehe Mel! :D A girl after my own heart!


I have alarmed hubby so much with talk of getting Cows and pigs (he can't quite tell when i'm being serious!) that now he's quite open to the possibility of some ducks or battery hen's - that seems tame in comparison!


He's less open to spending another £400 on an eglu though, so perhaps if i start going on about wanting 2 more eglu's he'll breathe a sigh of relief when we only get one!


Men, they're so easy to fool and wrap round the little finger aren't they - bless 'em!

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:lol::lol: you go gooner girl!!! :lol::lol::lol:

last June 2005 (& Paul) agreed that we could buy one eglu and have four chooks.

We now have three eglus and have had up to 12 chooks (3 have sadly passed on so only have 9 now) and now have a wooden ark and 2 bantams - watch this space for a fourth eglu and more bantums, ex battery hens, ducks,.................. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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He he! You've got it sussed Mel! Perhaps you should give lessons! :D


'How to get what you want by confusing a man so much that they end up thinking its all their idea.'


Sounds like a good idea for a book as well! Just think with the money you make you could buy even more eglu's! :lol::lol::lol:


On another note, just taken the dog for a (very muddy) walk and have seen the most ideal field for my dream smallholding! Just right for a couple of sheep, pigs, goats, cows... Not to big, 5 min walk away! *sigh... Well i can dream....


Maybe thats the next thing to mention to hubby to alarm him into getting ducks in the back garden! :wink:


Have you decided on the names yet Mel?



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I am SO with you there gooner girl - I spend ages looking at estate agents websites for smallholdings / land etc. - no chance in Dorset - most of those properties are owned as second homes by the London rich :( - but you can dream.

and whilst you dream you can make other halves think that having chooks and bantams and dogs and......... a really good idea :idea::lol:

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