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Animal lovers!!

What pets do you have??  

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  1. 1. What pets do you have??

    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Budgerigars
    • Ducks/geese
    • Chickens
    • Rabbits
    • Guinea Pigs
    • Fish
    • Horses (Love them aswell!!!)
    • Mouse
    • Rats (i hope not!!)
    • Snakes
    • Armodilo
    • Donkeys
    • Chicks
    • other

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armodilo? :D


I've had budgies, cockatiels, zebra finches, canaries, a diamond dove, quail, chickens, a rat, a dog and when I lived with my parents they always had cats.

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We have 5 cats, 4 chickens, 4 bunnies, some fish and a rat. We used to have guinea pigs, mice and cockatiels. We are getting a dog soon.

We don't have the space or time to own our own horses yet... but the girls go riding every week...

I'd love a few goats... and while in fantasy land, a few camels, alpacas, elephants and a whole jungle would be nice too...

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4 Rats (did have 28 tlast year)


28 RATS????? :shock::shock:


I assume these were babies :lol::lol:


(sorry, didnt mean to shout :oops: )






Lol Yep & Nope


We had 10 Adult Rats & 18 Baby Rats



But when i was a baby my mum started with 2 female rats and ended up with over 50 after 6 months (both females ended up being pregnant :roll: )

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if you have put 'other' send me a quick message to tell me what sort of animal it is :D:D

as i say: the more horsey people which are my friends the better!!!! :dance:


my "other" is a pair of ranking dragons, they originate in australia and grow about 12 inches in length.


the pony belongs (officially) to my seven year old son he is a welsh mountain class A. called Dude he is just over 12 hands and he has been part of the family for almost two years


we also have a cat called harley and a staffie called chunck


two goldfish called pablo and twinkle toes five chickens and seven chicks.......for now!!!

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Sandy (1 Weimaraner crazy puppy)

Cleo and Dini (2 Cats - oriental blue super clever girl and siamese blue point daft as a brush but we love him to bits boy)

Peaches, Donot and Dark Tan (3 ever so cute little girlie rats)

Loki, Finn, Tutti and Frutti (4 very cheeky lovebirds)

Bloomers, Bumble, Ms Buffy, Suzy, Miranda, Ginger, Roigeta, Chantal, Claudine, Astrid, Ingrid, Columeta, Dippy (13 hens - my girls)

Berry and Fudge (2 duckies who have totally demolished my ornamental pond so I don't think there are any fish left)

Sybil (snake - doesn't do much but she's gorgeous and very tame) and arriving soon: a lionhead Dutch bunny who is likely to be called Darth Bunny, Darth Fluffy, Satan :twisted: or something equally endearing - yes, I have been eavesdropping on my children's conversations... :oops: ).


I personally would love two big white nanny goats to keep company to the beautiful black Friesian horse I've been wishing for since I was 2 years old and who'd come to live with me one day... :pray:


...We do have some petting zoos in this forum, don't we?

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you're not kidding ana! i would love more animals definaley want a few goats and some ducks but i have to be patient .we need to sell our typically suburban detached...garden like a posatage stamp :evil: ....so that we can buy a small holding. my hubby really wants to set up a rescue/retirement centre for donkeys..... :D

unfortunatley after being on the market for almost 2 years we are beggining to loose hope :(

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