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The Things Children Say!

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I can't find the original thread, so have started again...........


When I collected Lauren from school last Thursday, she wanted to know the plan of action............... after the usuall 'get changed, have a snack....'

I said we would be doing 'something nice'


Lauren asked " what are we doing that is nice?"

Me "that's a surprise. You'll have to wait and see"

Lauren " Are you sure it's something nice? Are you sure it's not housework?"


:shock::shock::shock: - I'm not a slave driver, honestly :?


One from my 5 yr. old neice last night.


Discussing my SF who is 80 and 'follically challenged' :wink: I'll call him Fred (not his real name of course!)


Rachel "I don't know how Fred is ever going to grow his hair back :? "

Rachel's Mum "Well, I don't think he will now...." giving an explanation of hair loss/age etc.

After a ponder about all this, Rachel suddenly pipes up......

"I know - how about feathers!"



Please add any of your own tales...........

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I can remember reading a book called 'Childrens letters to God' & found it very funny in places :lol: but some brought a tear to my eye too! :cry:


'Dear God, i didnt think purple went very well with orange until i saw the sunset you made last week. It was cool!' 8)


'Dear God, i like your book The Bible, where do you get your ideas from?' :lol:


'Dear God, is being adopted as good as being real?' :(


Brilliant book!!!

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My 4 year-old, Natalie, and I were sitting in the sun, watching the chickens. Chooks were out of sight for a couple of minutes, so I said they would come back soon, looking for treats. Natalie pipes up, completely serious, "Well, Mummy they probably have a schedule"!


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:lol: I've another 'baldy one' - predictably!


As most of you know - The Boy is totally bald...


We were out with some friends once, it was cold so Phil had a hat on, then took it off; their daughter's friend, who hadn't met Phil before nearly fell off her chair in shock and said 'Oh, what happened to your hair - how awful'!!! We were all beside ourselves with laughter, espcially as The Boy was making out that it had been there that morning :roll:

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Ha ha ha I love these stories :lol::lol::lol: Please keep them coming, they're really brightening up my day!


A friend was taking her little nephew to the ladies toilet in a pub.


A lovely old lady leant over to him at the wash basin and said "My what a lovely young man you are!"


To which he replied " I don't like you lady" and stuck out his tongue :oops:


Another friend of mine, when she was little, walked into her parents kitchen when they had company around with a lovely big dog turd in her hand and announced "look, look I've got a squidger!! :oops:


Apologies for the toilet theme!

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I'm glad I started this again..... :lol::lol::lol:


When Lauren was first out of nappies I took her to the toilet at Tesco. We were third in the queue for just two toilets so we had to wait while the other two went first. As the first lady tinkled away Lauren shouted out "Good Girl !!! " and clapped her hands in great excitement! :oops:


(serves her right for not letting a 2 year old go first!)

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The funniest thing my Son ever said was when he introduced himself to my Mum's new next door neighbours when he was four;


"Hello my name's George..."


(with cigarette in mouth) "Pleased to meet you, I'm Mark"


"Hello Mark, Don't you know that cigaretting makes you dead!!" :shock:


It was so funny, his face was a :D picture

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We were making biscuits and Carla (4) arranged hers in a circle and one outside she said the one outside was Jesus :shock: . I thought she might be imagining he's telling the group a story perhaps :? . When the bicuits came out of the oven she said 'great I can eat Jesus now and he won't exist'

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